8 Reasons Why You Can Not Lose Weight

8 Reasons Why You Can Not Lose Weight

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It might happen to you that you are keeping diet but it doesn't work. You are doing all right but it doesn't make any sense. You think that maybe it is all your fault and that it is absolutely impossible for you to lose weight.

Actually, it doesn't matter what diet are you keeping, what secret methods are you using to lose weight, it all will not work till you understand the secret of weight loss and it is right energy balance.
The thing is that you must, without any doubt, burn more calories than you consume. It is easier to say than to do, cause there are so many different and complicated factors that influence your energy (calorie) consuming and energy (calorie) burning.

There are different factors that influence our everyday food intake, the reason why you can't lose weight is hidden somewhere there, among these factors. Let's look more detailed at these factors, maybe you'll find your reason or several reasons that don't let you lose weight.



This is the first reason why we are eating. To prevent yourself from overeating, harmful to your body and weight food, choose meals that are rich in fiber and protein, it will give you the feeling of fullness for long hours. And one more, don't eat when you don't want to eat. It might happen to you when you are bored and you wanna find some way to settle this problem. Instead of food-solution, choose workout or go for a walk with friends.


The Frequency of Meals

When you eat often it may help you to prevent overeating at mealtime. But it also means that you may consume more calories, so try to make your portions smaller if you have 3 large daily meals and snack.



In most cases stress is the reason for overeating, people cope with it at the expense of food. If you find this factor the reason of your overeating and weight gaining you must find alternative decisions of this problem. Call your family or friends to help, take yoga.



When you are tired and your body needs energy you get it in the fridge. As a result, you consume calories not because you are hungry and gain extra weight. Find the solution in napping rather than in eating.


The Choice of Food

It is vital that some healthy food high-calorie, like peanuts, avocado, most of the breakfast cereals, yogurt, pasta, olives. All you need is to eat them in moderation to stay healthy and slim.


Wrong Workout

Believe or not but some workouts don't bring any result and even harmful for your body. Choose easy and moderate physical activity every day, it means that you have to make a schedule of no-excuse workouts.


Build Muscles

Eat enough food with a high amount of protein to build strong muscles. Then complete your everyday workouts at the gym or at home to be slim and buff. Make a balanced workout program to have a good result. For example, after a long tiresome work, you'll not manage to make a long run.



Sitting at a desk will decrease your chances to lose weight but you can make some creative changes to have a benefit. Walk the stairs rather than use the elevator, change sit down meetings into walking meetings. Make your job like a workout - place.

Try to find out what is the reason of your diet failure. Get creative and take support from friends and family.

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