9 Rules How to Pick Meat

9 Rules How to Pick Meat

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Every day we buy some products. We take it from the supermarket's shell, put it in our basket or trolley and go to the cash desk. In most cases we don't check this food in a supermarket, we just buy it and pay money. Then come home and unbox products only there.

It is not a secret that not all food may be fresh in the supermarket. There are different reasons why it happens but we are not gonna talk about it right now. Our topic concerns buying products, in our case - buying meat. We must be sure that it is fresh, smells good and that we and our family will enjoy a dish that will be prepared out of this meat.

We must say that this is a real science to buy meat, to choose it properly. It is nice to know that every time you buy it you become more and more competent.
If you are not competent, you are not keen on meat, this article will give you some tips according to this question.  How to choose meat properly for making exquisite dishes?


RULE ╣ 1

Buy meat on the meat market. You should and even must check it, smell it, touch it. Anyway, you are not buying cookies in the supermarket. That is why get up and go to the meat market, this is the right place to buy meat. At least you may look into the eyes of a man/woman who sell you meat.


RULE ╣ 2

Make friends with a butcher. The best butcher is the best chance to have fresh meat and the best tenderloin. Try to buy meat at the same place, talking to your butcher all the time. This is your chance. He/she will know you by sight, will give you important bits of advice.


RULE ╣ 3

Learn the colour of the meat. The main characteristic of fresh meat is its color. Beef is red, pork - tenderly pink. The color of lamb meat looks like beef but deeper. Veal - intense pink.


RULE ╣ 4

Learn the surface of the meat. If its surface little dry it is not bad. It doesn't mean it is spoiled. Look at meat carefully, it must be without spots and tints. It must be dry. If you press meat and it emits juice, it means that it was frosted. This influences the flavor of the meat.


RULE ╣ 5

Smell meat. The scent is one of the best helpers in this case. The smell must be pleasant. It must stimulate you to cook something out of this meat.


RULE ╣ 6

Learn the solidity of meat. This is a good index, which can show you whether meat is fresh or no. Press meat. It must become even almost immediately, if no, it is not fresh.


RULE ╣ 7

What is your object? What are you going to cook is a very vital question. Don't be shy, ask the butcher what part of meat exactly you need for cooking this or that dish. First, decide what are you gonna do - stew, fry, boil or bake.


RULE ╣ 8

How to pick frozen meat? If you have a choice, buy fresh meat, it is much better than frozen. Still, if meat has been frozen only once, it doesn't lose its quality. When you touch frozen meat, it must leave a bright mark. If it doesn't leave a mark, it means that it was frozen more than one time.


RULE ╣ 9

Prefer fresh meat. It is very easy to rip fresh meat. This is a simple test to check whether it is fresh or no.

Don't be in a hurry while picking a meat. Relax and give it some time. Thus, you give yourself a chance to cook a delicious course.

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