�Brigadeiro� Candies


30 min

�Brigadeiro� Candies

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Desserts Candies


30 min


20 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

“Brigadeiro” candies were the first Brazil dessert cooked in 1940, when the assortment of candies and other delicious treats was extremely poor. They are named after the first BBC commander, Eduardo Gomes. The shape of these candies resembles that of truffles, although, their ingredients somewhat differ. The candies are easy and fast to cook, while their taste is so remarkable that your loved ones will ask you to cook the sweets over and over again! 


  • condensed milk : 400 ml
  • cocoa powder : 20 g
  • butter : 15 g
  • dark chocolate 75% : 50 g (grated)

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare right proportions of products in advance.

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  2. Take a pot and mix condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder there.

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  3. Warm the ingredients on small fire and keep stirring them to get smooth mass.

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  4. Boil until the mass becomes dense. As soon as chocolate mass will gets almost firm, take the pot off fire.  The whole process will not take it longer than 8-10 minutes.

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  5. Spoon the mass into the plate and let it cool down. Then form small round-shaped candies.

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  6. Finally, roll the candies in grated chocolate. You can choose white or dark chocolate to your liking. If you like soft candies, you can leave them in a cool place. To get firm candies, put them into the fridge. Bon appétit!


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