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�Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs

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Author: Monica Feluchi

Children adore unusual dishes, which do not only taste great, but also look funny and cute. So, if the birthday party of your child is approaching and you still don’t know what to surprise the little guests with, this “Hedgehog” salad may become a perfect idea. Due to the interesting look and fantastic taste, the dish will undoubtedly become the “highlight” of the festive table!


  • beef : 150 g (boiled)
  • carrots : 1 piece (boiled)
  • potato : 3 piece (boiled)
  • smoked cheese : 50 g (it is better to use smoked processed cheese for the salad)
  • egg : 2 piece (boiled)
  • spinach : 0.5 bunch
  • sour cream : 150 ml
  • dry bread crumbs : 100 g

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Stages of cooking

  1. Peel the vegetables and grate them. The first layer of the salad consisting of grated potatoes should resemble the hedgehog by its shape. Cover the layer with sour cream and salt it a bit. If you cook the salad for adults, you can use homemade mayonnaise instead of sour cream, although, the latter ingredient is more preferable when it comes to dishes for kids

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 2
  2. Chop the boiled beef and spread it above the first layer. Cover the second layer with sour cream. Add salt

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 3
  3. Grate smoked processed cheese and form the next layer of the salad. Cover it with sour cream as well

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 4
  4. Wash the spinach under cool water and chop it. If you don’t like spinach, you can replace it with parsley, green onion, fennel or any other edible greenery

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 5
  5. Cover the cheese layer of the salad with chopped spinach. There is no need to use sour cream for this layer

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 6
  6. The next layer of the salad will consist of grated boiled carrot. The use of sour cream in this case is important

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 7
  7. Peel the boiled eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Grate the yolks and cover the carrot layer of the salad

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 8
  8. Now, you should spread enough sour cream to hide all the imperfections. Having done that, grate the egg whites and dredge the salad with them

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 9
  9. The final step of the cooking process is making the spines. For this purpose, you should use dry bread crumbs. Stick them into the salad. Do not forget about the eyes and nose of your hedgehog. It is better to make them using boiled carrot and pickled cucumber, for example. You can also use black olives for this purpose. They will give the hedgehog curious and cute look. Do not forget to experiment and your salad will certainly appeal to your guests! Enjoy!

    �Hedgehog� Salad with Dry Bread Crumbs Photo 10

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