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Barbie's Tuna Salad


10 min

Barbie's Tuna Salad

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10 min


4 persons




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Author: Victoria Bailey
The best tuna salad recipe with two secret ingredients: curry powder and Parmesan cheese! An odd combination but this makes a terrific tuna sandwich. I got this recipe from a friend who used it in her catering service business many years ago. She used it for an appetizer with gourmet crackers. It has been my favorite recipe for tuna salad for many, many years.


  • (7 ounce) can white tuna, drained and flaked: 1 can
  • mayonnaise or salad dressing: 6 Tbsp
  • sweet pickle relish: 3 Tbsp
  • Parmesan cheese: 1 Tbsp
  • dried minced onion flakes: 0.125 tsp
  • dried parsley: 1 Tbsp
  • dried dill weed: 1 tsp
  • curry powder: 0.25 tsp
  • garlic powder: 1 pinch

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Stages of cooking

  1. Combine tuna, mayonnaise, relish, Parmesan cheese, and onion flakes in a medium bowl. Season with parsley, dill, curry powder, and garlic powder. Mix well and serve with crackers or on a sandwich.
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History of Barbie's Tuna Salad:

Barbie's Tuna Salad is a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. The origin of this recipe is not known, but it has been used in catering services for many years. The recipe has been modified and adjusted according to personal preferences, but the two secret ingredients, curry powder and Parmesan cheese, remain constant.

Tips and Tricks for Barbie's Tuna Salad Recipe:

The key to a great Barbie's Tuna Salad is in the seasoning. Make sure to mix well after adding the parsley, dill, curry powder, and garlic powder to ensure the flavors are evenly distributed. It is best to use a fork to flake the tuna instead of a spoon or a mixer. This will give the tuna salad the perfect texture.

Another tip for this recipe is to use either mayonnaise or salad dressing. Both work fine, but salad dressing adds a bit more tanginess.

Tips for presenting the dish:

Barbie's Tuna Salad goes great with crackers or on a sandwich. To create a perfect sandwich, add a bit of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. The Parmesan cheese will add a nice crunch, and the curry powder will give it an extra kick. If you want to make an appetizer, serve the tuna salad on top of crackers or cucumber slices. This will make for a great party tray or a snack during a movie night. Enjoy!

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