Beef Enchiladas


210 min

Beef Enchiladas

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210 min


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Author: Monica Feluchi

Beef enchiladas are another traditional Mexican dish, which has become popular in other countries of the world as well. The dish contains unusual ingredients, some of which are not quite easy to find, but if you manage to do this, you will not regret the time and effort you have spent! The dish is really remarkable and very delicious!


  • beef : 700 g
  • corn tortillas : 10 piece (or as many pieces as you wish)
  • cheese : 200 g (preferably, Cojito and Jack)
  • chili pepper : 8 piece
  • onion : 1.5 piece
  • garlic : 5 clove
  • Masa Harina : 1 Tbsp (or corn flour)
  • tomato paste : 1 Tbsp (roughly 28% concentrate)
  • beef broth : 4 cup
  • water : 2 cup
  • Negra Modello : 1 piece
  • canned tomatoes : 1 can (diced)
  • chili powder : 2 Tbsp
  • bay leaf : 1 piece
  • salt : 1 tsp (or to your taste)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Wash, dry and chop the vegetables.

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  2. The key to good enchiladas is a good sauce, it should be preferably chili based. But adding tomatoes is also allowed for a denser concentration. Seed, stem and roughly chop your chilies (5-6 good-sized chilies). You can use a spice grinder or a blender for this purpose.

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  3. Sauté half an onion and 3-4 cloves of garlic and add to your chilis. A minute later, add water, (usually, half broth and half water works well). Let this reduce by about half, then add a tablespoon of Masa Harina or corn flour to become denser, simmer it for about one minute more. Then you may add some tomato paste if you wish – about one tablespoon of it will be more than enough. You can add salt to your taste as well.

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  4. Blend the sauce well to get smooth mixture.


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  5. Now, let’s proceed to cooking the beef. Take a nice piece of beef and cook it in the oven or in a slow cooker. This may take several hours, but the beef should be soft and juicy. Add 1 Negra Modello, 1 large can of diced tomatoes, a couple cups of beef stock, a couple tablespoons of homemade chili powder, a diced onion, a couple peppers, garlic, and bay leaf to get the best result.

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  6. Now, remove the beef, let it cool down and shred it well. Strain the broth.  

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  7. It is high time to cook our enchiladas now! Take your tortillas and cheese. You may need to soften your tortillas in the microwave oven to prevent them from breaking while rolling. Take a baking dish and spread some sauce on the bottom of it. Put shredded meat and a bit of cheese in a tortilla, roll and place it in the dish. Repeat the step until the baking dish is full or until you have tortillas, then pour some more sauce over the enchiladas and grate cheese on the top of them.

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  8. Bake your beef enchiladas in the pre-heated to 180 C (350 F) oven.  As soon as the dish is ready, enjoy its taste! Bon appétit!

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