Beef Liver: Secrets of Processing and Cooking

Beef Liver: Secrets of Processing and Cooking

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Beef liver is not only a delicious dish but also the product rich in vitamins, microelements, and nutrients that are great for human health. Unfortunately, those, who have ever tried to cook liver, admit that the process is not as simple as it may seem. If you want to cook juicy and tasty beef liver devoid of any specific after-taste, it is a must for you to learn the basics of proper processing and cooking of the product.

Let’s start with the choice. Experts recommend buying beef liver at the market, directly from people, who live in the villages and raise the cattle themselves. Unlike large agricultural enterprises, which use versatile additives and chemical elements to feed the animals, village-dwellers use natural foods and ingredients to feed the cattle. This has a positive effect upon the taste and qualities of liver sold at the markets, where it enjoys popularity with homemakers.
The second aspect that needs consideration is the processing process, which is generally accomplished in several steps, namely:

  • washing the liver
  • removing the membrane
  • removing large bile ducts, which give the liver bitter taste
  • additional washing

These steps are required not only to make the piece of liver you have selected for your dish clean and appealing but mainly to get rid of the unpleasant after-taste. That is why you should be very serious about these processes, paying special attention to each of them. Try to remove all the bile ducts and the membrane. Otherwise, the liver in your dish will be bitter and hard to chew.

Having done the tasks, put the liver into a deep bowl and pour milk into it so that it could cover the product. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Another option is to boil water, add salt, turn off the fire and plunge liver into it for 5 minutes. These measures of the liver processing process will make the product soft, juicy and devoid of bitterness. It will be much easier to cut it thin as well, so, do not overlook this step.

Finally, a few words about the cooking process. That’s very simple, indeed. To cook liver, you will need flour, onion, oil, and salt. Just cut the liver into small pieces, put them into flour and then replace the pieces onto the pre-heated frying pan with oil. Slice or chop the onion (this depends upon your likes) and add them to the liver. Fry for about 10-15 minutes until it becomes soft. It is not recommended to cook the liver for a longer time, because it may be too coarse and not tasty. May your effort be a success!

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