Best Menu For a Romantic Dinner

Best Menu For a Romantic Dinner

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The reasons to organize a romantic dinner may be numerous. You may want to celebrate a festive occasion with your loved one, make a proposal or just spend a nice time together. If you are skillful at cooking, then this event won’t be a great problem for you. But what if you have never cooked so many dishes before? What if you want the occasion to be remarkable? Then follow the recommendations that can make this evening one of a kind!


As a rule, any festive dinner should consist of three dishes: the appetizer, the main dish, and the dessert. Let’s have a look at the samples of dishes that will suit each point of the menu most of all.




It is smart to start your romantic dinner with a light appetizer. It can be either hot or cold, but it should not be too nutritious. This should be something that will help you start the evening with pleasant emotions. For example, you can cook a light vegetable salad with an exotic sauce, crusty toasts with pate, bruschetta with tomatoes, salmon tartar or anything else you and your partner like. By the way, it is recommended to cook the appetizer in advance not to distract from your festive dinner.  


Main Dish


The main dish should become the highlight of your romantic dinner. That is why this should be something special and even unusual.  Everyday meals are not the best choice for such an occasion. Even if you do not possess any cooking talents or just lack the experience in organizing romantic dinners, there are still a few recipes you will be able to cook without any hassle and waste of time. Some of the most interesting and suitable dishes include rabbit in the cream sauce, pork in the honey glaze, rib steaks with sweet pepper sauce, grilled dishes, baked fish etc. The choice is quite versatile and depends upon the taste and the amount of time you plan to spend cooking the dish.




The dessert is, probably, that part of the evening, which follows the main dish. Actually, it is not obligatory to cook it, but if you and your loved one love sweet treats, then why not make such a delicious surprise? The best desserts, which are also easy to cook, include pineapples in the sweet syrup, strawberry or lemon sorbet, fruit with ice cream and mascarpone, pears in red wine and what not. You can cook these desserts several hours before dinner to avoid the unwanted hassle afterward.


Listed above are only a few menu variants you can try cooking. Your imagination is unlimited here and the experiments are always welcomed. May your romantic dinner be pleasant!

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