Best Places for Food Storage in a Kitchen

Best Places for Food Storage in a Kitchen

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Each housewife, irrespective of her age, has once faced the situation, when the food products she was hoping to store for quite a long time, were lost forever because of the violation of storage rules and recommendations. If you have lived through this unpleasant experience as well, then you should realize the importance of this aspect. The thing is that the place, which is an ideal storage solution for one product, may not meet the storage requirements of another product, which eventually results in the loss of its properties. To prevent this frustration experience, keep in mind the following food storage rules.


Bread is one of those products we always have on our tables. Although we consume the product every day, we still have to store it somewhere to have it at hand in the morning. What you should know is that the places, where you keep bread, should be airy and properly ventilated. Most people keep bread in special baskets or breadbins. If you don’t have the one, do not put bread into a fridge. This is one of the most widespread mistakes people make. Instead, put it into a polyethylene or paper bread.

Cereals, Sugar and Flour

Experts recommend putting these products into hermetically sealed containers right after you bring them home. These food products should be kept under room temperature. An ideal option is glass, metal or plastic containers. Taking into account the assortment of these containers that are available on sale these days, you can always choose those, which suit the décor of your kitchen and can become an ideal addition to it. Never keep these products in wet places to prevent them from spoiling.


All types of oil have their own expiry dates, which depend upon their qualities. Refined oils can be kept longer as compared to extra virgin oils. So, always check the manufacture date before purchasing the product. Keep oil in dark and cool places, the temperature which should not exceed 18 degrees.



Honey can preserve its properties for the whole year, but only if you store it properly. The most suitable place for this purpose is a fridge or any other cool place, the temperature in which is below 10 degrees. Sunlight and other scents should not penetrate into this place. Although people in villages keep honey in large wooden barrels, this is not always possible for city dwellers. If you don’t have a wooden barrel at your disposal, you can easily replace it with a glass or aluminum container, which can be hermetically sealed.

Vegetables and Fruit

Potatoes should be kept in cool dark places, the temperatures in which ranges from 2 to 7 degrees. If the storage rule is violated, the properties of the product may be lost, not to mention its taste. If you are going to store carrots, then you should wash and dry it first. Having done that, put the carrots into hermetically sealed bags or containers and keep the vegetable in cool places. The same is about cabbage. The best place for storing garlic and onion is your kitchen refrigerator.


Speaking about fruit and berries, it is recommended to store them in properly ventilated packages and containers in cool places. Do not wash berries and fruit until you are going to consume them. It is desirable to keep each fruit in a separate bag. Good luck!

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