Best Spices to Cook Delicious Fish Dishes: What Are They?

Best Spices to Cook Delicious Fish Dishes: What Are They?

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Do you like fish as much as I do? Do your family members ask you to cook delicious dishes, but they often prove to be plain and not that tasty? If so, then you would certainly like to find out how to make fish dishes extremely delicious and aromatic! Let us find out more about those spices that can give your fish unforgettable aroma and taste your loved ones will memorize for years to come!

The fact is that fish generally has a neutral taste, so, almost any spices you and your family members like will suit it pretty well. That is why the choice of spices for your fish dishes is almost unlimited. It depends upon the way of cooking you give preference to.


Fried Fish


If you adore fried fish (irrespective of its sort), you are welcome to cook it in the oven, on the grill or on the frying pot. Regardless of the choice, you will make, your fish will taste great, having preserved natural flavor and qualities.
Fried fish is generally cooked with salt, pepper and lemon juice. You can use black, white or red pepper for that purpose - just make sure it is powered. Lemon juice is used when the dish is ready. Just spray a few drops of juice upon the fish and its taste will be unsurpassed.

Cooking experts from all over the world admit that there is no better addition to the fried fish than olive oil. It is used in the process of cooking, but if the fish is too oily itself, consider the necessity to add olive oil so that your fish would not be too oily.


Stewed Fish


To cook stewed fish, you should first fry it on both sides a bit and then stew in a certain amount of water. It is recommended to add white dry wine, bay leaf, parsley or black peppercorn to the broth.


Steamed Fish


Steamed dished have become quite popular nowadays and fish is not an exception. If you prefer such dishes as well and cook them on a regular basis, keep in mind that you should use spices in tiny doses. This is because steamed fish is cooked in its own juice and can dissolve as many spices as you add. Consequently, the more spices you add – the spicier the fish will be. That’s not the best solution for a dietary dish.


Baked Fish


When it comes to baked fish, spices are a great choice! Chefs from the world famous restaurants experiment with these dishes and the spices they add to them. Although, they do that smartly and never mix the ingredients, which seem incompatible at first sight. As a rule, fish covered by the mixture of species like rosemary, thyme, lemon juice, parsley, fennel, sage etc., should be covered by foil or baking paper before being put into the oven. Then it is cooked there for a certain period of time at a set temperature.

Homemakers have their own secrets of cooking fish. To give it an unforgettable taste, they use horseradish, onions, sea salt, chili pepper, and even honey. This depends upon the sort of fish and the taste preference of the family members. Whatever recommendations you choose, do not disclose your cooking secrets to your guests, who will be delighted by your fish!


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