Best Ways to Process Mushrooms

Best Ways to Process Mushrooms

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Who doesn’t like mushrooms? These products are given to people by nature and if you learn to cook them correctly, you will get a superb dish, which will taste and look great. What you should know is that some types of mushrooms can be consumed as they are and don’t require any preliminary processing or cooking. This, however, mostly concerns those mushrooms that are grown at home. The prevailing amount of them should be processed and cooked before you and your family can eat them.


Processing Mushrooms: What Do You Need?


To make the processing of mushrooms successful, you will need mushrooms (that’s obvious), salt, vinegar, and lemon acid. As soon as you come back from the forest, you should check the mushrooms you have gathered thoroughly once again. Even if gathering mushrooms is your hobby and you do that every season, this does not mean that you should underestimate the importance of this step. Are you a newbie? Then sorting out the mushrooms you have gathered is a priority to you. Keep in mind that there should not be any spoiled or poisonous mushroom types and sort out those, which are safe and look nice.


The second recommendation is to place the mushrooms you have sorted out into the cold water that contains some salt. An ideal option is when there is 70 g of salt per one liter of water. This is especially important if there are many wormholes in the mushrooms. Are the products too dirty? Then leave them in cold water without adding salt for a few hours.


As soon as your mushrooms are clean and there are no worms left inside, cut the stripes and clean or scratch the upper covers of the pileus. What you should also know is that some sorts of mushrooms have bitter milk inside. These products should be left in cold water for over two days in a cool place, while you should regularly change the water. The preferred option is to change the water thrice a day.


To prevent white mushrooms and champignons from getting dark, wash them is cold water adding lemon acid or vinegar. This is the tip that always works! Having done that, place these two sorts of mushrooms on the sieve and wash them with hot water three times. Other sorts of mushrooms, by the way, should be boiled for over 3-7 minutes depending upon the sort.


Such mushrooms as morels should be kept in cold water for about half an hour to be able to clean them thoroughly afterward. Then wash the mushrooms several times and boil for about 10 minutes to get rid of the acid contained in them. This acid is harmful to human health, so don’t overlook the step.


Have you gathered slippery lacks? Well, you are a lucky person! To process these mushrooms, remove the mucous cover, wash and boil them for about 3 minutes and start cooking afterward.




Mushrooms are undoubtedly delicious if processed and cooked properly. Some sorts of them, however, are dangerous for human health and life, so you should be 100% sure that you know what mushroom exactly you have found. If you are not sure, it makes sense to consult someone, who is aware of the subject.

The next piece of advice is not to collect mushrooms along the high roads or in the suburbs of industrial plants, for example. Otherwise, this may result in serious poisoning. May your mushroom picking and processing experience be a success!


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