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Author: Victoria Bailey
This BLT is classic: bacon, lettuce, and tomato — nothing fancy, just delicious. (I use fake vegetarian bacon these days, and it's still really good!)


  • bacon: 4 slices
  • lettuce: 2 leaves
  • tomato: 2 slices
  • bread, toasted: 2 slices
  • mayonnaise: 1 Tbsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Cook bacon in a large, deep skillet over medium-high heat until evenly browned, about 10 minutes. Drain bacon on a paper towel-lined plate.
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  2. Arrange cooked bacon, lettuce, and tomato slices on one slice of bread. Spread mayonnaise on the other slice of bread. Close to make a sandwich.
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History of the BLT: The classic BLT sandwich has been around for over a century! It is believed to have been created by English aristocrats who were visiting the United States and wanted a lighter lunch option during the summer months. The sandwich quickly became popular in the US and has since become a staple in American cuisine.

Tips and Tricks for BLT Recipe: To make the perfect BLT, it's important to choose quality ingredients. Use fresh lettuce and ripe tomatoes for the best flavor. For the bacon, look for thick-cut slices that will crisp up nicely in the skillet. If you're vegetarian or vegan, try using a plant-based bacon alternative. You can also experiment with different types of bread, such as sourdough or ciabatta, to mix up the flavor profile. And don't skimp on the mayonnaise – it's an important component of the sandwich!

Tips for presenting the dish: When it comes to presenting your BLT, simplicity is key. Arrange the bacon, lettuce, and tomato slices in a neat pile on one slice of bread, and spread the mayonnaise on the other slice. Then, simply close the sandwich and cut it in half. You can serve the sandwich open-faced, with the ingredients arranged on top of a slice of bread, or you can serve it closed with a toothpick holding it together. For a classic meal, pair the BLT with some potato chips or fries on the side. Enjoy!

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