Healthy Breakfast Lunch and Dinner to be Slim

Healthy Breakfast Lunch and Dinner to be Slim

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Unfortunately, some of us still think that the only way to lose extra weight is just keeping very strict food limitation. People eat very less in hope to become slim and attractive not sensing that the only thing they'll get is a problem with health and body. Besides, you may increase your extra weight, doing wrong things.

Experts recommend to adjust dietary intake, this is your guide to achieve the goal. It is difficult to change the usual way of life, especially if it concerns food. It happens, that people lose control and again return to their old habits.

What does it mean to adjust dietary intake? First, it means that you have to eat at least three times a day, that must be substantial breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you decide to change your way of life, you have a great chance not only cut extra weight but improve your health.



Don't ignore breakfast, this is your energy and cheerfulness for all day. By the way, chronic stress is the result of wrong nutrition and especially wrong breakfast. Experts insist that the best and the right time to have breakfast from 6.00 a.m to 9.00 a.m. Prefer food with a great amount of protein, it is digesting slowly in your body, so you won't feel hunger until noon. Curd and yogurt will make up an ideal breakfast, enjoy fat-free products and be healthy. Try cheese on breakfast, it contains linoleic acid that prevents fat saving.

Oatmeal porridge stimulates good digestion, boiled eggs cleanse the liver from fat, make them an integral part of your breakfast and you'll see the result.

Drink orange juice and instead of coffee and black tea, drink green or white tea.



Lunch must comprise almost 50 % of all calories that you receive a day. At lunch, you are allowed to eat all that you are forbidden at breakfast and dinner.

Start with hot dishes: soup, steamed dishes with vegetables and so on. Order beef or fish with fresh salads, they will make your lunch substantial and at the same time less calorie. If you want dessert, choose one piece of curd pudding or law calorie pie. Don't drink cold beverages immediately after lunch, it will slow down the digestion.



There are great argues about dinner dishes. Try to have dinner no later than 6 p.m. Choose low-calorie dishes, for example, rice noodle, pumpkin ravioli, light meat, vegetable dishes. It is not recommended to eat fried or spiced dishes, hot dressings, and sauces.

It is very vital what beverages are you drinking during the day. Drinking water stimulates metabolism, drink no less than 3 liters of water per day. Some beverages, like alcoholic drinks, may increase weight, think about it. Fresh juices best of all drink in the morning, especially lemon and orange juice. Drink tea without sugar. Make a good habit to drink milk, it is substantial and healthy.

Remember, if you want to lose weight you must keep these rules all the time. Food that you are eating on breakfast, lunch, and dinner influence your health. Make it strong and lose weight with pleasure.

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