Candies with 3 Toppings


30 min

Candies with 3 Toppings

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Desserts Candies


30 min


15 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

Everyone likes candies – there can be no doubt about this fact! While the quality of sweets offered for sale is often under the question, homemade candies are not only delicious, but safe and healthy as well. This recipe is another proof of this fact! Follow it and enjoy the result!


  • milk chocolate : 400 g (+ 20 g for the topping)
  • caramelized milk : 1 can
  • white chocolate : 20 g
  • cherry : 15 piece (the number of cherries should equal that of your candies)
  • hazelnuts : 15 piece (the number of hazelnuts should equal that of your candies)
  • cognac : 15 ml

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Stages of cooking

  1. Melt the chocolate on a water bath or in a microwave oven, spread it on the bottom and sides of your candy forms. Leave the forms in a fridge until the chocolate freezes.

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  2. Then mix 20 g of melted white chocolate with 1/3 glass of caramelized milk.

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  3. Repeat the same step with milk chocolate.

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  4. Take the candy forms away from the fridge and feel them with the toppings. Then put the forms back into the fridge and let them freeze well. Cover the candies with melted chocolate and place them back into the fridge until the candies freeze well again.

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  5. To cook candies with the third topping, you will need some time. Soak cherries in cognac around 3-4 days before cooking the candies. Then place one nut inside each cherry and repeat the same steps you have made with the first cadies.

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  6. That’s it! Your nuts with three delicious toppings are now ready! You are welcome to serve them and enjoy their fascinating taste!

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