Central Asian Cuisine

Central Asian Cuisine

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Each cuisine is so uncommon and original, it has its traditional ingredients, which comprise the uniqueness of this or that cuisine. In fact, each of you has to even honor, to some point, each cuisine, because it reflects the traditions of each nation.

The central Asian cuisine is so colorful, tasty and various, this is really well of different ingredients, which are combined into absolutely amazing dishes and courses. This cuisine has its specific character, it mostly uses rice, mutton, and spices, of course, which bring the uniqueness of a taste and flavor and absolutely delightful aroma to a dish.

It is impossible to forget about Asian sweets, once you try it, you want to do it again and again. They are so delicious, with nice flavor and sweetly pleasant aroma.

So, to have any idea of what is Central Asian cuisine you must know that it is full of joyful surprises, which are delicious and substantial dishes. Rice and mutton are the most traditional ingredients, which are added to soups, porridges and other meals. So, the traditional conception of Asian soup is rather different from the European one.

The great variety of spices, which are added to Asian lavash, flat wheat unleavened bread, tightly bound with Central Asian climate, it is tropical, cause food can be spoiled very quickly in such conditions.

The sweets, which will delight anyone, are very popular Asian cuisine dishes: pahlava, Rahat Loukoum, halva, sherbet.

Now let's view some of the most popular Central Asian dishes, you'll certainly like to eat them and to cook them, be sure these dishes will fascinate you and your family.



Pilaf is one of the oldest recipes, which mostly was made and cooked in India and South Asia when people started to cultivate rice. There are plenty of different pilaf recipes but the traditional consists of two ingredients - rice and zirvac or pilafs basis.

The most widespread pilaf recipe is Central Asian and Iraqi. Central Asian style means that you have to combine two main ingredients (zirvac and rice) to cook them together, Iraqi style pilaf is cooked in a way that you need to prepare two main ingredients separately and then, right before serving, you mix them.



Asian shurpa is absolutely substantial soup, which is cooked out of fried meat and vegetables. The main characteristic of this meal is a high fatness and a great number of spices and greens. Besides, not only veggies can be added to this soup but fruits as well, such as plum, quince, apricots, and apples.


Asian Sweets

The best part of this article belongs to this paragraph. Sherbet is not only fresh and cool Asian beverage but also a nice and aromatic fudge with nuts. You choose, what is the best sherbet, either beverage or fudge.

Pahlava is cooked out of puff pastry and adding of nuts and sweet syrups.

Rahat Loukoum is made of water, sugar, pink essence and starch. It is a lovely and delicious dessert, its main benefit is that you can add any stuffing you want.

Scarcely you can find anyone who will not like halva. Sunflower, nut or sesame halva is a perfect dessert for family tea-drinking.

This is just a soft touch to the Central Asian cuisine, still, I hope you have learned something new. Find more new for you and your family with nice and colorful Central Asian cuisine.

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