Cheep Weight Loss Food

Cheep Weight Loss Food

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This is the picture of reality: you have decided to lose weight and immediately go to the supermarket to fill your fridge with expensive, organic, weight loss food, cause, as you think, the best food for weight loss is organic kale and cold pressed juice. This is your first mistake.

It happened that the best food for weight loss is not trendy, that all actors and pop stars are talking about, it is not even expensive as you expected, usually, these are simple products and foods you may buy every day. Smart people buy this cheap and fast weight loss food and get slim.

The best foods to lose weight are those with low calorie and fat level but rich in nutrients. You may find them in every grocery store and what is important you will save your money but effectively, easy and fast lose your weight.

This is not a full list of weight loss food, still, this is a big part of them.


Iceberg Lettuce

If you really want to lose weight, you should keep this green in your refrigerator. It is very less of calories, like 7 calories per cup, so you may easily double your salad portion, add it to sandwich and stay full and happy. It is very easy to find and it's not expensive, this veggie is full of water, so this is a hydrate too.


Cheese Minis

The most difficult thing about the diet is that you have to say no to your best and beloved creamy food. But you know what? You don't have to refuse at all to enjoy this food, just eat less, take smaller portions, that's all.
That is why cheese minis ( if you miss it) will become the solution in this case. You may take them anywhere, cause they are small, and you are also able to control portions.



This veggie is super low in calorie and full of fiber. Every big radish has only 1 calorie, it is very easy to store radish in a fridge and take like a snack. Add radish into salads, it makes salad colorful and brings a spicy flavor.



It is cheap and easy to find, it is very low in calories but full of protein and fiber. You\'ll find various recipes with cauliflower. Make salads, soup, vegetable dishes, add it to pizza, eat raw or mashed.


Chicken Broth

Cooking oil is a real store of calories for your body. It would be better to cook meat, vegetables without it. Even olive oil, which is very rich in vitamins, has 120 calories per tablespoon. Use instead chicken stock, which you easily can find in soup section, add one or two tablespoons and cook onion, garlic, other vegetables. It will add no more than 5 calories to food.



This is a unique veggie, it may replace your bread and save 200 calories. Make sandwiches out of cucumber and stay slim. Peel it, cut in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, add tomato, pepper and enjoy your low-calorie sandwich.



Grab it and make a must have food in your kitchen. A half cup of chickpeas provides 130 calories, 6 g of fiber and 7 g of protein. Add them to soup or salad, make different snacks with chickpeas that you will love.



Eggs are one of the best weight loss foods. They are packed with nutrition and you can easily control your portions. A single hard-boiled egg contains only 70 calories and 6 g of protein. You may not eat the yolk, cause there is some fat, and eat only white of the egg. Cook eggs for breakfast and add into salads.



Frozen shrimps provide no more calories than 77 calories per single serving of medium shrimps. So if you are a shrimp eater, take them out of the fridge and add shrimps into salads or skewer them with veggies.

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