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Author: Monica Feluchi

Cheese coffee.. This is not a joke, but a tasty drink that will certainly appeal to everyone, who appreciates unusual dishes and creative cooking ideas. The drink is so easy to cook that it will not take you longer than a few minutes. The result, however, will exceed your expectations – so delicious and aromatic the drink is!


  • ground coffee : 2 tsp
  • water : 100 ml
  • cream : 50 ml (10%)
  • cream cheese : 50 g
  • sugar powder : 0.5 tsp (can be replaced with sugar)
  • salt : 1 pinch

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. Brew strong coffee. For this purpose, pour 100 ml of water into a cezve, add salt and ground coffee. Put the cezve on small fire until your coffee is ready

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  2. Pour cream into a glass or ceramic bowl and warm the product in a microwave oven. If you wish to warm the cream on a cooker, use a pot or a bowl made of aluminum. Add sugar powder, 50 g of cream cheese and hot coffee into warm cream

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  3. Whip the drink using a blender during 10 seconds on high speed

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  4. That’s it! Your cheese coffee is ready! The drink does not only have fantastic taste and aroma, but it also resembles ice cream! If you prefer drinking sweet coffee, then add as much sugar as you wish, but keep in mind that too much sugar may spoil the initial taste of the drink! Have a nice day!

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