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45 min

Citrus Cheesecake

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45 min


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Author: Monica Feluchi

The “highlight” of this dessert is its citrus flavor, which gives the cheesecake the unique aroma and delicate taste! The cheesecake will appeal to your loved ones and will certainly become your specialty!


  • brown sugar : 100 g (50 g for the dough and 50 g for the topping)
  • butter : 100 g
  • egg : 3 piece (1 egg for the dough and 2 eggs for the topping)
  • salt : 1 pinch
  • whole-wheat flour : 200 g
  • cottage cheese : 200 g
  • orange : 1 piece
  • apple : 1 piece
  • sour cream : 1 Tbsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Mix soft butter with sugar and eggs. Add sieved flour and salt. 

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  2. Mix the dough and make a round ball. Put the dough into the food wrap or polyethylene bag and leave in the freezer for 10 minutes

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  3. Cover the table with flour, roll out the dough to make it 3-4 mm thick. Take the loose-base cake tin, oil it and spread the dough on the bottom of the tin. Do not forget about the edges!

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  4. Mix eggs, sugar, cottage cheese and make the smooth topping

    Citrus Cheesecake Photo 5
  5. Add sour cream and whip the mass

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  6. Peel the apple and chop it

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  7. Wash the orange, place it into hot water for a few seconds and then make orange zest without taking the white part. Divide the orange into several parts, remove the cover and chop. Add orange and apple to the dough

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  8. Pour the topping into the base. Bake the cheesecake in the pre-heated to 160 degrees oven for about 20-30 minutes.

    Citrus Cheesecake Photo 9
  9. Leave the cheesecake on the table to cool it down a bit. Enjoy the dessert!

    Citrus Cheesecake Photo 10

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