Cleaning Kids� Room: The Rules to Follow

Cleaning Kids� Room: The Rules to Follow

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Cleaning a kids’ room is, probably, one of the most important things-to-do on the housekeeping list. Experts recommend cleaning the area twice or thrice a week, even if your kid is little and does not create the mass in the room. As soon as the child gets older, the need for cleaning becomes more urgent. If you feel tired because of the everyday necessity to clean the room of your kids, then follow the recommendations listed below.

Many parents have already got used do the cleaning once a week. They choose the day, when they are free and spend this day trying to clean the room in the best way possible. Meanwhile, this often proves to be a waste of parents’ time and effort, because children will scatter their things and toys around in less than 5 minutes after the cleaning is over. To prevent such situations, you should make up a plan of your cleaning and do it several times a week.

To start with, the frequency of cleaning procedures should depend upon the location you live in. If there are many factories and automobiles in a place you live in, then it is recommended to clean the house (including the kids’ room) more often.

The next thing to keep in mind is that you should not use any chemical substances to clean the room, where your children live. Instead, you should use cleansers that contain natural ingredients and are considered safe for the health of your kids. By the way, you can use these products only once a week and go without them when maintaining order in the room.


Dusting the furniture surfaces is another rule to be kept in mind. Each time you clean the room, you should start the procedure with dusting the furniture. If there are many toys on the shelves, take your time to replace them somewhere to dust the surfaces in the best way possible. Do not forget about books and other décor elements, which are considered real “dust catchers”.

Is your child subjected to respiratory tract diseases and allergic reactions? Then it makes sense to do the wet cleaning without any cleansers at all. By the way, one of the major rules of cleaning a kids’ room is the sequence of steps. You should start from the upper surfaces and move to the floor. This is how you will leave no chances for the dust to rest somewhere.

It is not a secret that maintaining order in a room is much easier as compared to regular and thorough cleanups. So, try to teach your kids to keep the things in their places and not to leave the clutter in a room. If you manage to do that successfully, the results will be fantastic!

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