Cold Fruit Punch


10 min

Cold Fruit Punch

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10 min


4 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

The taste of cold fruit punch will make you recollect warm summer days, bright sun and luxurious sea beaches – so refreshing and relaxing this alcohol cocktail is! It involves unusual ingredients, which give the drink its unique taste! The whole process of cooking will take around 10 minutes, but the result will be fantastic and even unexpected!


  • water : 0.5 litre
  • ice : 5 piece
  • vermouth : 100 ml
  • �acao liqueur : 100 ml
  • black tea : 4 pack (with mint and balm)
  • orange : 2 piece
  • lemon : 1 piece

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Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare the ingredients you will need to cook the cocktail to have them at hand and save your time, while cooking.

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  2. Brew strong tea and cool it a bit.

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  3. Take a deep glass bowl, then cut oranges and a lemon.

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  4. Add tea and alcoholic beverages included into the recipe. Then add ice cubes and… you are welcome to serve your cold fruit punch. The aroma of mint and balm in combination with the taste of alcoholic beverages and citrus fruits give a fantastic result! Enjoy!

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