Cooking Fresh-Water Fish: How to Make the Process a Success

Cooking Fresh-Water Fish: How to Make the Process a Success

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People all over the world adore fish. Some of them prefer the product in a fried or baked variant, while others give preference to stewed or boiled dishes. At the same time, not all the sorts of fish are good for one and the same type of cooking. Let us have a quick review of the most trendy and effective secrets of cooking fresh-water fish, which is one of the most popular and affordable types of the product these days.

How to Peel Fish

So, to cook fish, you should peel it first. Speaking about river fish, it is easy and quick to peel it in the following way:

• Place the fish into the thin and transparent polybag

• Take a tablespoon and remove the scale of fish, scratching along the surface of the bag

• Wash fish under cool water, having removed it from the polybag first

This way of peeling fish is very convenient and will appeal to any housewife just because it does not only allow coping with the process successfully but also makes it possible to avoid using a cutting board and grease of the kitchen in general. It also helps save your time and effort, which is a benefit in itself.

Secrets of Cooking Delicious Fish

Having peeled the fish, it is high time to cook it! Consider the following secrets to make the process easy and hassle-free:

• If you wish your fish not to stick to the bottom of the frying pan, just add a bit of salt into the oil in a frying pan. Correspondingly, you won’t have to salt fish in the process of cooking afterward.

• River fish may sometimes have a muddy taste, which is not quite pleasant. To avoid the problem, just add a few grated potatoes in the boiling oil on a frying pan. Another recommendation is to wash the fish in the salty water, which has preliminary been cooled.

• Do you like juicy and soft fish? If so, then keep the fish or the fillet in milk for 20 minutes before frying it. The result will be fantastic!

Finally, it should be mentioned that healthy fish dishes are always a priority when it comes to choosing fish dishes. It goes without saying that fried fish may be more delicious with that crunchy coat and unforgettable aroma! However, stewed fish or that is baked in the oven is healthier and does not take much time to be cooked in the best way. So, weight all the pros and cons of the issue before actually proceeding to the cooking process and decide, which options will work better for you. If you don’t cook fish quite often, then “fried” variant will also be ok, but if you and your family members are the fans of this product, then it makes sense to consider all the variants. Good luck!


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