Cooking Meat Dishes: Useful Tips and Recommendations

Cooking Meat Dishes: Useful Tips and Recommendations

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People have different food preferences, but there is one product that enjoys popularity with millions of people across the globe (except for the vegetarians, of course). The product we are talking about is meat. No wonder, the number of dishes one may cook using meat is tremendous. There is hardly a festive table without meat dishes and many families cannot imagine their supper without them as well.  If you also love meat and wish to find out the secrets of cooking and processing the product, the tips mentioned below will help you learn how to cook amazingly tasty, aromatic and healthy meat!


How to Choose Meat


To start with, you should be very serious about the process of choosing meat. It does not make any sense to buy the very first piece you have come across the market or in the shop. The type of meat you will purchase should depend upon the dish you are going to cook. High quality and fresh meat should be pink or slightly red and it should have scarlet meat juice. To check the freshness of the product, just press it with a finger for a second and watch the way it restores the original shape. The quicker the process is – the higher the quality of meat proves to be.


Secrets of Processing Meat


Prior to cooking any dish, you should process the meat you have purchased. To do that correctly, you need to clean it out first to remove the fat, membranes and strings. When processing meat, however, don't remove all the fat. Leave a bit of it on your meat to maintain the juiciness of the ready cooked dish. By the way, if you wish your meat to soak more juice, just put the pieces of it into the boiling water before frying it. You will notice that the meat will be covered with white protein crust, thus maintaining the juice inside.


Tips on How to Cook Meat


Having processed the meat, you are welcome to start cooking the dish you have chosen. Keep in mind the following recommendations to give your dish a fantastic taste:


  • If you see that the meat it a bit coarse, rub it with vinegar or ground mustard. Do not use too much vinegar or mustard, though. Otherwise, the meat will have an unpleasant flavor.


  • When adding water to the meat in the process of cooking, make sure it is hot. Otherwise, the meat will get coarse


  • To prevent the meat from sticking to the surface of the frying pan, put several pieces of carrot into it


  • Do you wish to make your meat crusty and aromatic? If so, then dredge it with powdered sugar before frying


  • If you are going to cook meat cutlets, add dry breadcrumbs to the slurry. You can also add freshly grated potatoes to make the cutlets juicy and to give them an unusual taste.


These are only a few recommendations that will help make your meat dishes amazingly delicious, aromatic and juicy. So, follow the tips and please your loved ones with healthy homemade meals!   


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