Cooking Meat Steaks: How to Make Them Juicy and Soft?

Cooking Meat Steaks: How to Make Them Juicy and Soft?

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Who doesn’t like meat? This question does not, probably, require an answer, because only vegetarians avoid meat dishes nowadays. Meanwhile, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of recipes, the main ingredient of which is meat. And it is no wonder because this product contains a long list of vitamins and microelements that are good for our health.

What you should know is that meat should be cooked properly, following special instructions and guidelines. Otherwise, you run a risk of getting the dish, which will disappoint you and your loved ones. To cook delicious, aromatic and juicy meat steaks, you should be aware of several “secrets” of the process. Some of them are provided below.

1. Are you going to cook meat steaks? Then make sure you choose filets of beef for this purpose. If you prefer pork, then take your time to select the chuck. When it comes to mutton, cooking the pork loin is definitely the best choice.

2. To cook juicy and soft meat, you should make sure the product is fresh, but not frozen. Detecting that is not difficult. Just push the meat with your finger a bit and watch the result. If the meat was frozen, the dimple will remain for 1-2 minutes, while it will disappear instantly, if the meat is fresh.

3. To choose meat correctly, it also makes sense to know the age of the animal. If you have a possibility to check that, just look at the distance between the rib bones. The older the animal is – the thinner this distance proves to be and the bones are thicker as well. If a seller at the market or in a shop swears that he/she sells the meat of the lamb, just look at the ribs to find out whether the person should be trusted or not.

4. Cook meat on the day you have bought it. Do not freeze it or keep in the fridge until the next day. Cut the meat against the grain. Otherwise, it will be difficult to chew the steak.  Is there fat on the meat? Remove it without any hesitations. By the way, it is not necessary to throw the meat away. Just keep it in the freezer to use when cooking mince.

5. Pound the steaks and cook classic marinade consisting of lemon juice and oil (the proportions are equal). Add a bit of salt and pepper, cover the meat with the marinade and leave for about 30-40 minutes in a fridge.

6. Fry meat steaks on a well-heated frying pan. It is better to choose the one with anti-stick coating not to use oil when cooking the meat steak. Try to turn the steak on another side only once. This is the secret that will help make your steak “golden”.

Hopefully, these simple secrets will help you cook juicy, aromatic and delicious meat steaks with no serious effort! Good luck!

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