Creative Ideas To Keep Food Products Fresh

Creative Ideas To Keep Food Products Fresh

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If you frequently face problems when storing food products, then you certainly know how complicated it is to find the best storage options. You may waste hundreds of dollars buying a new fridge or a freezer, but these appliances will hardly be helpful if you need to store food products for quite a long period of time. In this article, we have compiled the list of creative food storage ideas that will help you solve this frustrating problem for good.

Storage Sacks for Vegetables

Do you know that keeping vegetables in a fridge for a long time may cause their spoiling and loss of nutritional value? This especially concerns potatoes, shallots, onions, and garlic. Instead, it is recommended to store root vegetables in dark, cool and dry places. If there is no basement in your house, the special storage sacks for vegetables will prove to be a great idea! These are simple cotton sacks that resemble stockings, which do not allow light to penetrate inside and affect the vegetables. As a result, the shelf life of these vegetables will be notably prolonged. By the way, you can buy these sacks or make them on your own, decorating the accessories to your personal liking. This is how they can become a great addition to your kitchen interior.

Pop Containers

Are there many dry foods to be stored in your kitchen? If so, then you should definitely think about special pop containers that act as vacuum containers. You can store different dry foods in them, such as cereals, pasta, pretzels, dried fruit etc. These containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to come up to your food storage needs. They are equipped with an airtight mechanism that does not let air penetrate inside the container until you open it.

Boxes for Bread Preservation

All of us adore fresh and soft bread, the taste and aroma of which cannot leave anyone indifferent. Unfortunately, bread shelf live is quite short unless you keep it in a special place, like a box for bread preservation. This accessory does not allow air to penetrate inside the box, thus prolonging its shelf life. It comes with an adjustable ventilation zone that regulates the flow of air inside the device. As a result, your favorite bagels, bread, croissants, rolls etc. will not get stale, moist or dry. This is a real benefit.

Garlic House

Nutrition experts underline that keeping garlic in a fridge is not the best idea. Well, you can leave it there for a while, but the longer it will lay in the fridge – the fewer the chances are that it will be tasty and nutritional. The same is about keeping garlic on the kitchen shelf. If you have ever kept it there, then you definitely know that it becomes dry and soft in less than a few weeks. So, the solution is quite easy: store garlic in a cool and dark place out of the sunlight reach. Nowadays, you can find creative “garlic houses” on sale. They come with small holes that ensure proper ventilation. The inner side of such a “house” is dark, which contributes to the increased shelf life of the product.

These are only several creative ideas for keeping food products safe, fresh and tasty. It is not necessary to look for them elsewhere. You can make any other DIY food storage accessories and share your ideas with us in the comment section!


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