Eggplant Pie


50 min

Eggplant Pie

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50 min


6 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

If you are a Vegetarian, then you will certainly like the idea of cooking an eggplant pie! It is very tasty and consists of vegetables that make the taste and aroma of the pie even more peculiar. The pie does not contain meat, but this does not have any negative effects upon its taste and look!  


  • flour : 400 g
  • salt : 0.5 tsp
  • sugar : 0.5 tsp
  • baking powder : 0.5 tsp
  • vinegar : 1 tsp
  • sour cream : 1 Tbsp
  • butter : 200 g
  • eggplant : 2 piece (large)
  • sweet pepper : 1 piece (medium)
  • tomatoes : 2 piece (medium)
  • hard cheese : 100 g
  • black olives : 5 piece

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Stages of cooking

  1. Take a deep bowl and mix salt, sugar, baking powder and vinegar in it.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 2
  2. Add soft butter, sour cream and mix the dough. Leave for 30 minutes on the table.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 3
  3. Then cut the eggplants and dredge them with salt to get rid of bitterness. Wash the eggplants with water in 10 minutes.


    Eggplant Pie Photo 4
  4. Cut the sweet pepper.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 5
  5. Slice tomatoes into circles.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 6
  6. Heat the frying pan with oil and fry the eggplants until they are half-ready. Add salt and black pepper.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 7
  7. Roll out the dough and spread it on the bottom of the baking form.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 8
  8. Spoon the layer of eggplants.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 9
  9. Then put the layer of pepper and tomatoes.

    Eggplant Pie Photo 10
  10. Grate the cheese and dredge the pie with it. Decorate with chopped black olives. 


    Eggplant Pie Photo 11
  11. Bake at 190 C (374 F) for 30 minutes. Your eggplant pie is now ready! Enjoy!

    Eggplant Pie Photo 12

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