Everything You Would Like to Know About Grilled Dishes

Everything You Would Like to Know About Grilled Dishes

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It goes without saying that grilled dishes are much healthier and tastier as compared to those cooked on a frying pan. The meat, which is cooked on a grill, becomes ready much faster as well because it is affected by the infrared light. Due to this fact, it also preserves more vitamins and microelements. The same effect concerns other products and dishes cooked on the grill. No wonder, the popularity of grilled meals keeps increasing with every passing day. Among the other benefits of grilled dishes, it makes sense to point out the following:


  • They are almost devoid of cholesterol, which is important for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases
  • They are low in calories, which contributes to weight loss and maintenance of good shape
  • They are delicious and so aromatic that it is close to impossible to pass by them
  • They are simple to cook
  • They are better digested by human bodies


Cooking Grilled Dishes in the Open Air


If you are going to cook grilled meat, vegetables or fish in the open air, you are strictly recommended to follow a number of rules. Thus, you should make sure that fat from the products or oil used in the process of cooking, would not be poured on the top of the grill. Otherwise, it may be transformed into substances with the unpleasant smell and taste. As a result, your dish will have bad taste and aroma. So, if the meat you are going to cook is too fat, it makes sense to wrap it into foil or special fireproof container.


Secondly, it is very important to ensure the availability of the constant and intensive heat flow. The cooking temperature should be about 170 degrees. The major rule sounds like that: the thinner the product is – the closer to the source of heat it should be!


Finally, the surface of the product you are cooking on a grill should not become brown. If it does, this means that the product may have got burnt. Are you right about to cook grilled vegetables and fruit? Then the cooking rule is as follows: pour a bit of oil on the products to prevent them from burning. It is also possible to cook these products wrapped in foil to preserve more nutritional ingredients.


A Few Secrets to Go


If you wish your grilled dishes to stand out from the crowd, the following secrets may be of great help to you:


  • Beer and sauces contribute to the formation of the crusty cover
  • The combination of spices and oil may result in fantastic taste results
  • Versatile marinades give the products unusual taste and aroma depending upon their ingredients. It is recommended to marinade the products for about 1-2 hours before cooking them on a grill.
  • The best side dishes to be served with grilled meat or fish are salads, boiled potatoes, grilled vegetables or rice. For those, who are concerned with the weight loss aspect, it makes sense to give preference to vegetables and salads.


May your grill cooking experiments be a success!

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