Family House Cleaning Rules and Responsibilities

Family House Cleaning Rules and Responsibilities

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Everyone knows that house cleaning is one on the most time-taking and boring household activities. Nonetheless, people have to clean their homes on a regular basis to keep them safe and appealing. Nowadays, the task has already become the responsibility of a woman, but this is not the way it should really be. It does not matter whether your family is small or large: if all the members help each other around the house and are involved in the house cleaning process at least once a week, the procedure will be much simpler. Moreover, you will be surprised at the way this activity will unite your family members, not to mention the fact that you will be so grateful to your loved ones for this on time help!


To simplify the family house cleaning process, it makes sense to divide the responsibilities first. Keep in mind that house cleaning may be either dry (this does not take much time) or wet (this is a more preferable variant, which should be practiced at least once a week). The next thing you should consider is the amount of your family members and their age. This will help you divide the responsibilities to make the assistance of each person meaningful and effective.


Let’s say, you child is up to seven years old. It is obvious that he/she will not be able to vacuum the carpet or wash the floor properly. Nonetheless, there are things your son or daughter will still be able to do. Teach them to keep their clothes, toys and other belongings in order. Show your little ones that each thing should have its own place and help them sort out these things properly during the cleaning process. A couple of times will be enough to help your kid memorize this simple, but so important rule!


Children of school age may have more house cleaning responsibilities, which depend upon their skills. The older they become, the longer the list of responsibilities proves to be. Thus, your son your daughter can easily dust the furniture, vacuum the carpet, wash the floor and water the flowers in his/her room. This will not take much time, but your kids will get used to these things having done them at least several times.


You husband should also help you around the house, especially if you do that together on weekends. Just divide the responsibilities properly and help each other. Pay attention to those areas in your house, which need more thorough cleaning. These include kitchen and bathroom. You can take care of these rooms, for example, while your husband will focus on other rooms or you can switch the responsibilities depending upon your needs, time and other essential nuances.


These simple recommendations should help make your house cleaning a family activity, in which clean, safe and nice-looking home will be the best reward!

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