Fantastic Dishes for a Summer Wedding

Fantastic Dishes for a Summer Wedding

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Many people consider summer the best season and decide to organize their weddings during this time of the year. One of the major benefits associated with summer wedding is not only an opportunity to spend the event outdoors but also the availability of fruits and vegetables that are used to diversify any menu and make it out of a kind.

So, what are the rules for cooking a summer wedding menu and which dishes are more likely to appeal to your guests? To start with, you should have a rich choice of all kinds of beverages. This is quite obvious and understandable, because it is very hot in summer, so whether you celebrate the occasion outdoors or indoors, beverages will always be a smart decision your guests will be grateful to your for! Take into account that juices sold in the shops will not suit the purpose in a good way, because they are too dense and sweet. Instead, cook drinks out of natural products, including mint, lemon, green tea, and other refreshing ingredients.

Speaking about the appetizers, they will look more appealing when served on green lettuce leaves. The best appetizers for this purpose are vegetable dishes, seafood, brynza, nuts etc. It is recommended to avoid fish and meat dishes not to overload the stomachs of your guests. The main menu, instead, should include barbecue, grilled dishes (preferably, fish, vegetables, meat, ribs, steaks, chicken breasts etc.). Marinade them with spices, oil and soy sauce to give the dishes unusual and unique taste.

As a rule, each wedding menu should involve at least 3 light salads, 2 fish and meat dishes, cheese, vegetables, main dishes consisting of meat and fish, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and, of course, the dessert.

As to the desserts, they may be versatile and depend upon your preferences. If you can’t imagine your wedding without a luxurious wedding cake – the symbol of your party, then try not to make too creamy. It is also possible to cook muffins, ice-cream and fruit desserts, fresh fruit etc. The choice should also depend upon the preferences of your guests, so, if you really wish to make sure the summer wedding menu will appeal to your guests, it makes sense to inquire about their tastes well in advance. Anyway, if you take care of your summer wedding menu, your festive table will certainly be a success!

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