FAQ on How to Store Coffee Beans

FAQ on How to Store Coffee Beans

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If you have already found and purchased your favorite coffee beans and wish to enjoy the unforgettable taste and aroma of this drink for a long time, then it may be useful to you to find out how to store the product, what tare to use, what temperature regime to follow and what place to select to store coffee beans. If you are concerned with all these questions, then reading this article is recommended to you, because it will help you learn how to preserve the properties of the drink for a longer time. The list of FAQ provided below and answers to them was compiled by the experts and this is what makes it so valuable. So, let’s get started!


For how long is it possible to store coffee beans at home?


To start with, we should understand that storage of coffee beans may be of two types, namely short-term and long-term. If you wish to enjoy the taste and aroma of this drink, but not just the way it looks, short-term storage is a more preferable option. So, buy as much coffee as you and your family members can drink during 1-2 weeks. In this case, you will get the most out of the product!


What tare is recommended for a long storage of coffee beans at home?


Having purchased coffee beans, don’t mill them at home right from the start. Take the required amount of the product and mill it to cook aromatic drink for several times. Speaking about the most suitable tare, experts recommend storing the product in packages made of foil that come with zip-locks. Foil will help protect coffee beans from sunlight, extra moisture, air and other scents, while zip-lock will make it easier to open the package.


Another variant you may choose is glass or ceramic tare (cans) with a nice lid. Plastic containers may also work well in this case and they are also easy and convenient to use, but when it comes to storing coffee beans, it makes sense to give preference to another packaging.


Where is it better to store coffee beans?


When choosing the best place for coffee beans storage, let’s recollect the rules of storage first. The product should not be stored in places subjected to sunlight, moisture, penetration of air and other scents. Taking into consideration these rules, we may conclude that kitchen cabinets are the best storage place for the product. Just make sure you have chosen a place that is not close to the oven.


Is it possible to store coffee beans in a fridge?


A fridge is not the best place for storing coffee beans! There are so many different scents of other food products in it that it is more than possible that coffee beans will soak them. Moreover, the range of temperatures may also have negative effect upon the properties of the drink. If you still aim at storing coffee beans for a long time, it is possible to keep them in a freezer. This long-term storage may take up to 2 months, but make sure you have chosen the right tare. Stick to these recommendations to enjoy the unforgettable taste and aroma of coffee!

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