Fast Food and Children: Does It Make Any Sense?

Fast Food and Children:  Does It Make Any Sense?

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There is no child, who does not like fast food. This, however, concerns those kids, who have ever tasted all those hamburgers, coke, chips and other products, the taste of which can seriously compromise with their quality. It is a well-known fact that some kids refuse to eat healthy homemade food, but eagerly consume that offered in the fast food restaurants and cafes. Let us find out the reasons and potential health problems a child may develop when consuming these products regularly.

Fast Food: What Is The Essence?

The basic mission of fast food products is to help a person get rid of the feeling of hunger in a quick and effective way. Actually, this is what they successfully cope with. The fact is that these products are rich in fats and calories, which results in the quick reduction of hunger. Moreover, children are fascinated by all those “cute” surprises, tasty sauces, bonuses and food additives that are offered along with fast food. At the same time, they and their parents do not even realize that the taste and appetizing look of these products are triggered by the harmful chemical ingredients and additives they contain. These foods also contain the so-called “transitional fats”, which are used in the production of many confectionaries and other products people are so attracted to. These fats are contained in the prevailing amount of manufactured food products - from chips and up to some chocolates. This is not to mention the rich contamination of oil, which is heated and used in the production of fried potatoes over and over again. Such oil contains a rich amount of chemicals that are reported to cause numerous diseases, including heart attacks and even cancer.

What Is the Effect of Fast Food Upon the Kids’ Health?


Health and food specialists across the globe have agreed upon the fact that regular consumption of fast food dishes results in diabetes, liver diseases, obesity and increases the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases. This is explained by the rich amount of fats, calories and desaturated fatty acids in these products. Furthermore, the unbalanced everyday ration may lead to the lack of vitamins, microelements, and other nutrients, which are extremely important for the proper functioning of the immune and endocrine system of a person. As a result, this is manifested in the health and physical condition of a child. Listed below are the major problems fast food may trigger in kids:

• Allergic reactions
• Dental problems
• Food digesting disorders
• Obesity or excess weight
• Lack of vitamins
• Liver, pancreatic gland and kidney diseases
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Cardiovascular problems
• Poisoning of the organism triggered by the excessive contamination of chemical ingredients
• Endocrine system diseases
• Cancer

The problems listed above are more likely to develop if you or your child consume fast food on a regular basis. There is nothing bad, of course, if you taste these products once or twice a month, but if you do that every day or even week, get ready to pay regular visits to your doctor as well. It goes without saying that offering a kid fast food dishes is more convenient and quick, but why not offer your child fruits, vegetables, marshmallows, candied fruits and healthy homemade foods that will bring them satisfaction and health?

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