Fun and Useful Facts about Chicken and Healthy Chicken Recipes to Try Out

Fun and Useful Facts about Chicken and Healthy Chicken Recipes to Try Out

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No one will argue that chicken meals have long become all-favorite non-vegetarian food not without a good reason. Its appeal and popularity are largely explained by its appetizing flavor, incomparable taste and a diversity of ways in which it can be cooked. However, not all people know the fun facts about these domesticated birds, so here are a few surprising details you have hardly ever heard of:

  • Chickens are omnivores, as they eat not just seeds and small insects, but also other prey including mice or even lizards;
  • There are 25 billion chickens on the planet, which makes their population the most numerous compared to other bird species;
  • Roosters often engage in a special dance known as “tidbitting” during which they make peculiar sounds inviting others to have food. They jerk their heads, pick up the bits of food and drop them. Scientists consider that males that are inclined to performing tidbitting and have brighter combs are more attractive for females than other roosters;
  • Wattle dangling beneath the rooster’s beak is suggested to help males attract females during tidbitting;
  • So, what’s the answer to a versatile question about what came first: the egg or the chicken? Truth to be told, all vertebrates are known to have eggs, but their hard-shell variation was first detected among reptiles.

Curious Facts about Chicken Foods

Now you know more about chickens, but what about the delicious and all-familiar meat products which these birds are renowned for? Check out a few interesting facts about chicken below:

  1. It is possible to store raw chicken for as much as 2 years. Even though it will not change the way chicken tastes, it is not recommended to consume meat stored for such a long time;
  2. Chicken’s popularity is incredible as it has long become an inseparable part of many people’s diet. Only in the US, an average citizen consumes over 80 pounds of chicken meat a year;
  3. If you are conscious about health, you might find it useful to learn that a usual chicken meal contains a bit more than 300 calories, while fried chicken contains twice as much;
  4. Fried chicken, especially dark meat, is not just high in calories but also rich in cholesterol, proteins, oils, and carbohydrates. So just don’t eat it at night; otherwise, you’ll have to exercise hard the next day;
  5. Chicken meals are rich in vitamins B3 and B6, phosphorus and selenium. This makes it a great source of vital nutrients to improve metabolism, stimulate the immune system and even enhance the brain functioning.

How to Cook Chicken the Best Way to Keep Your Diet Healthy

We all love delicious chicken meals, but not many people know how to make them not just tasty but also healthy, so here are a few excellent options to test:

  • Chicken breast healthy recipes are great for all followers of healthy eating, who nevertheless do not mind adding a few special flavors to make their meals diverse. Cheese and mushrooms will add a special appeal to your chicken breast meals to make your whole family happy;
  • There are lots of easy healthy baked chicken recipes that can be used as an alternative to traditional cooking methods. Healthy whole chicken recipes are great for those who do not want to spend too much time cooking, but still wish to surprise their family with a special treat. Above all, checking out new healthy baked chicken recipes is easy and fun, let alone extremely rewarding;
  • Chicken pot pie recipes are healthy and exceptionally delicious, while the cooking process will not take too much time or effort;
  • Make your chicken salad recipes healthy by adding sweet grapes and spices to make the meals truly tasty and appetizing;
  • What about healthy chicken leg recipes? These are very easy to cook, but a special BBQ taste will hardly leave anyone in your family indifferent.

It’s high time you tried out the best chicken recipes we have offered to make your everyday meals special and turn your dinner into a holiday for the whole family. Enjoy!

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