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Ginger Tea for Effective Weight Loss

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Author: Monica Feluchi

Everyone knows that ginger is good for your health. However, apart from its multiple magic properties, it can also be used for losing extra kilograms with surprising simplicity. Ginger tea for weight loss is likely to become your favorite way of losing kilos just because it is not only healthy and beneficial for your body, but also very tasty and flavorful. A pinch of cinnamon and other exotic ingredients add a totally new flavor to this unique recipe of ginger tea for weight loss. Such a mixture is your best chance to get ready for the summer season, so make sure you test this recipe right away if you want to keep fit and be healthy all at once.


  • cinnamon : 1 pinch (powdered)
  • clove : 2 piece
  • dried cardamom : 2 piece
  • water : 1 litre
  • ginger : 10 g
  • green tea : 1 Tbsp
  • lemon : 0.5 piece
  • honey : 3 tsp

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. Cut a piece of ginger about 2 cm thick. Peel it and slice carefully


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  2. Boil green tea using one liter of water and 1 tablespoon of tea leaves. Wait until it cools down a bit for about 5 minutes. Do not wait longer, otherwise, the tea will be cold. Sift the tea, pour it into a pot, add ginger and boil for 2 minutes. Add cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Boil on small fire for about 20 minutes, then add half of the lemon (juice it first and add to the tea with the skin). Finally, add honey and boil for 5 minutes more


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  3. This is how cardamom and cloves look like (for those, who are interested in their look)

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  4. Sift the tea, let it cool down a bit and drink it warm or cold. This depends upon your preferences and taste! Enjoy!


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