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Girasol: The Product for Healthy Dishes

Girasol: The Product for Healthy Dishes

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Jerusalem artichoke - Helianthus tuberosus


Sunchoke, girasole, topinambur, earth apple - the same plant, more commonly known as Jerusalem artichoke, whose birthplace is North America. In ancient times, girasole was a source of basic food, high-tensile fiber for mats and clothing. Jerusalem artichoke tubers have long been respected in worldwide cuisine and traditional medicine. You’ll recognize it by alien shape, deliciousness, high nutritional value and a wide range of medicinal properties.


Nutritional value of girasole


Girasole is an unconditional masterpiece of nature that gained its popularity precisely through Tupinamba people. In terms of benefit, tubers, caulis, sap and even leaves of the plant are equally useful. Important micronutrients are contained in fairly large amount, and thereby determine the dynamic effect of the product toward the person’s well-being.


Outwardly, the plant remains the hybrid of ginger growing on the root of calendula. If that was true, we can only imagine what legends would go around its value! But since we prefer strong facts, Jerusalem artichoke, even without that, has a high intension of precious elements. And to be honest, the composition of it is a powerful illustration of the Mendeleev’s periodic table.

Among them:

  • Inulin – the safest substance for people health, used to treat and prevent diabetes;
  • As much as 8 amino acids, produced only by plants;
  • В and С vitamins;
  • Calcium, potassium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, iron, zinc, mineral salts;
  • Proteins;
  • Carbs;
  • Cellulose;
  • Pectin.

It’s amazing the way an ordinary plant contains such a rich microcosm.


Magic and natural healing ingredient


The earth apple is widely used to improve the digestion work and metabolism, stimulate bifidobacteria normal growth, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and also improve calcium absorption, thus reducing the risk of osteochondrosis. In cases of diabetes, atherosclerosis, adiposity, the sunchoke is a magic wand. Also recommended under increased physical and psychoemotional stress, including decreased working capacity and prompt fatigability (chronic fatigue syndrome).
In the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases, the Jerusalem artichoke powder increases the activity of the immune system. If living in an ecologically unfavorable place and working under a high-risk affection (radioactive nuclides, high-density metals, organic nature toxic agents), for detoxification, regular girasole courses are preferably recommended.
Isn’t he delightful?

Correct selection


Similar to truffle, the peak season of Jerusalem artichoke from November to March. It’s easy to grow in the garden since tubers are easy-to-grow and proliferous. Good girasole can be defined upon asperity, fuzz, and abruptness on tubers. Depending on the plant varieties, they can be of different color but without any spots or wrinkled peels.


Jerusalem artichoke in cuisine


Despite this root plant is pretty safe for people, it should be consumed within reasonable limits, after thermal treatment and according to the personal recommendation of the doctor (maximum 2-3 tubers per day, as a rule).


Jerusalem artichoke in cuisine


The taste of earth apple is sweet and delicious. In cooking it can be stewed, fried, boiled, dried and even evaporated. For example, dried and then chopped Jerusalem artichoke tubers are popularly used to make marvelous diet coffee. It can be also added to a variety of recipes as a masterpiece note in:

  • gourmet dessert
  • pie filling
  • drinks
  • side dish for vegetables and meat
  • diet cream soup, etc


Moreover, topinambur flour is a great product for keeping freshness in a bakery. Though, the surest way to save all the useful Jerusalem artichoke substances - better use it raw, for example, by following our healthy food recipes.


Jerusalem artichoke is experiencing the true renaissance nowadays and being a health-improving cocktail for the human body. Use it to toy around with unique taste in dishes, and at the same time strengthen your health!

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