Honey and Jam our Healthkeepers

Honey and Jam our Healthkeepers

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Old people say, that health is the most important thing in our life. Aren't they right? Imagine what can you do without good health?


Our health depends on many different things that happen in our life. Our way of life influences it greatly. Happy life for most people means long life in combination with inner progress and success. But it is impossible without good health.


Every person can promote his/her health. Don't be quick in using different medicines, our nature has enough "power" to make your body strong and healthy. It can treat you faster and without side effects. Honey and jam, kids of nature, can help your body to struggle against negative factors which can be injurious to health.


You might have heard that honey is a symbol of immortality, fertility, and health. Honey can serve as the first medical help in case of problems with alimentary canal, respiratory organs, nervous system, problems with skin and so forth. Honey has a great impact on your blood and improves hemoglobin. It has such a great amount of vitamins and minerals that stimulate the resistance of our body, so it can fight against infectious diseases. Use honey for food to get rid of insomnia and depression of strength.

Honey can reduce the temperature. Mix it with a glass of warm milk and drink it as often as possible. If you mix honey with hot milk or water, it will lose its health-giving properties. You are allowed to use 100-150 g of honey per day (no more) if you are a grown-up and no more than 30-50 g per day for kids.


Jam is a universal method of cure. Let's view several of jams and their influence on our body and health.

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam is a natural antibiotic which can easily reduce your temperature. It attenuates your blood. It is very useful for those, who suffer high pressure. Besides, raspberry contains a high amount of copper, which is added to the different medicines that help get rid of depression.

Apricot Jam

Apricot jam is very useful for pregnant woman and senior people that have problems with a heart. It reduces high pressure. By the way, apricot jam is full of magnesium and phosphorus, which make a good impact on brain cells.

Strobile Jam

Strobile jam is very health-giving and tasty. Kids will love it. This jam is the first help in case of a productive or a dry cough. If somebody in your family has problems with joints, advice him/her to add one teaspoon of strobile jam into tea. It will eliminate pain in joints. The secret of strobile jam, which makes it almost universal method of fighting with all deseases, lies in consisting of special agents that kill bacteria and fungi. It doesn't give any chance to progressive disease in your body.

These are only some of the health-giving jams, that can strengthen your body. There are many others that can improve your health. Cook them, add them to food. Choose this delicious way to cope with diseases.

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