Healthy Character of Red Wine

Healthy Character of Red Wine

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Seriously, when you pour a glass of wine, do you think about real health, which brings this beverage? Maybe all these are funny stories about health-giving wine, that people tell and all you'll have after a glass of this nice beverage is a headache and other troubles.

Still, you, probably, heard a lot about wonderful properties, which red wine possesses, this question is really interesting and mysterious, so let's examine it at least little.

Most of those who are in love with alcoholic drinks are longing to find any benefit to have at least an excuse, but to be honest, red wine is really health-giving drink, none will object. During the centuries doctors were interested in the healthy red wine properties, so this question as old as the hills.

In Old Egypt doctors and simple people cured ear disease, all the old pharmacopeias included red wine as a remedy. Medicine "founders" believed that red wine is a key component of all remedies that cured people of fever, cause it contains some stuff that acts like an antiseptic and bracing tool. Of course, this method is effective for those who intake red wine in moderate, this is essential.

Nowadays even doctors very rarely say something about the healthy properties of red wine, highlighting the harmful influence of it on men`s body.

In 1979, American researchers distinguished high dependence between red wine intake and law level of Ischemic heart disease. Researches showed that in France, the country, with wine traditions, people suffer less Ischemic heart disease and as a result the level of a death rate in this case very law. And what is more, Frenchmen do not refuse from eating high in fat and cholesterol food, cause it doesn't prevent their heart and vessels to work properly.

As a result, the fact is that people drinking red wine in moderate live longer and suffer far less from heart disease. The key word is moderate, it is vital and the only way to stay healthy, otherwise, you will harm your body.

The most useful for a heart is considered to be red wine, it is inhabited by the high amount of antioxidants, more than in white wine, and this is exactly the thing that makes red wine so important for your health, especially for your heart.

The wine influences the level of cholesterol in your body, the moderate intaking of wine increases the level of positive cholesterol, the same thing happens when you are exercising properly. One more vital red wine property is its influence on coagulability, alcohol decreases the blood viscosity and at the same time decreases the influence of platelets on coagulability. As a result, it prevents you from a heart attack.

Remember moderate drinking of wine, 200 ml of red wine for men per day and 100 ml for women. It is essential if you want to stay healthy and beautiful, don't make your favorite beverage to become your enemy, it may be too dangerous for you to exceed single serving. Control the portions and make red wine a part of your healthy life.

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