Healthy Chocolate Bars


30 min

Healthy Chocolate Bars

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30 min


5 persons




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Author: Antonina Blum

What to do if you love sweets, but at the same time, stick to a healthy lifestyle or vegan diet? Of course, try to prepare easy healthy desserts recipe - Chocolate Bars! These bars with figs are easy to prepare, you can store it in the fridge or take with you as a lunch.


  • figs : 450 g (dried)
  • oat-flakes : 200 g
  • orange : 1 piece
  • coconut oil : 3 Tbsp
  • chia seeds : 4 g
  • powdered ginger : 0.5 tsp
  • cinnamon powder : 0.5 tsp
  • dark chocolate 75% : 100 g

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Stages of cooking

  1. Turn on the oven to warm up to 180 degrees. Grind figs with a blender.

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  2. Add coconut oil and spices, stir.

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  3. Add the juice of one orange and oatmeal to the mass. At this stage, you can use an immersion blender or meat grinder. If you did not manage to grind, don't worry. Mix the dough well with a spatula and proceed to the next step.

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  4. Add chia seeds to the dough and mix thoroughly.

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  5. Take a baking dish 23x23 cm, cover with baking paper or take a silicone form. Spread the dough and smooth with a silicone spatula. Put in a preheated oven for 20 minutes.

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  6. Remove the cooked dish from the oven, let it cool at room temperature and, only after that, remove and cut with a sharp knife. Store in a box in the fridge.

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  7. Melt dark chocolate in the microwave at intervals of 15 seconds or in a water bath. Gently dip the bars into chocolate, then spread on a flat surface, to dry. Then place in the fridge for 1 hour to freeze the chocolate.

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