Healthy Dream, Nice Mood, Healthy Life

Healthy Dream, Nice Mood, Healthy Life

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Rosalind Cartwright (in 1963) became Director of Psychology at the University of Illinois College Of Medicine, where she opened a sleep laboratory to study the function of dreaming. Rosalind always highlights that exactly the dream corrects your mood, cause it processes the negative emotions.

This is the reason why your mood is much better when you wake up rather than when you go to sleep. Still, if during the night something goes wrong, in the morning scarcely you will feel better, this is the normal situation for those who suffer depression.

Depression influences the whole body and life, so there are reasons to think seriously what should you do to prevent health problems.

Dreams can really and easily help you to regulate emotional life and get rid of depression, let's find out how it is possible...



The researches showed that those people who divorced and have enough inner strength to live and to move further, have much better and divergent dreams than those people who were captured by depression.

Rosalind Cartwright paid deep attention to this problem is far 1960, when she divorced and created her first laboratory, so, notice this, that was the time when she was trapped in depression, she couldn't sleep properly but Rosalind understood that there was a way to have some benefit of sleeplessness.

Those people who suffer depression face the bad thoughts, which stuck in their mind, the same thing happens to them at night time, thus it increases the fear and anxiety, that is why when morning comes they feel so depressed.



Researches of many years showed that the content of dreams mostly includes negative emotions and in reality, people experience positive emotions rather than in dreams. On the other side, the feel of fear comes during the dream more often than in reality.

The research in 1996 tolled that there are two times more negative emotions experienced during the dream than positive emotions, the most typical is anger, fear, dispirited feelings and stress. So, during the dream time, your body processes the negative emotions to start a new day with new strength.



The recent reasearch which was made by Rosalind Cartwright showed some interesting facts, for this she invited divorced men and women. These people time after time spent nights in the lab, they told about their mood before getting in bed and when they got up, they regularly reported Rosalind about the changes in their relationships and in an emotional state.

The final tests showed that 90% of all people got rid of all the post-divorce depression and 52% told about positive dreams they got after research. Those who recovered, recollected twice often their dreams than those who continued to suffer depression.

Dreams play the general role in evolution, which is brain integration of vital information, this happens either you remember the dream in the morning or no.

The proper psychotherapy and dreams have the same influence on your body: they can help you to make a right connection between uneasy situation and previous experience.  As soon as the connection is made the negative emotions gradually vanish.

Take care and stay healthy!

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