Healthy, Quick and Delicious Breakfast Dishes

Healthy, Quick and Delicious Breakfast Dishes

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Breakfast is the most meaningful and substantial meal of the day, which should cover not less than 1/3 of the overall amount of nutrients required for the whole day. That is why breakfast should consist of nutritious and, what really matters, healthy products. Unfortunately, many people, who hurry to their offices in the morning, frequently underestimate the importance of having nutritious breakfast and give preference to junk food instead. Such behavior is simply inadmissible, especially if you aim at leading a healthy way of life and remaining healthy for as long as possible. Let us have a look at those dishes experts recommend nowadays. They contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will fill you with energy for the whole day.


It is a widespread misbelief that cereals are great for kids only. This is not so, because these dishes belong to the healthiest and the most nutritious breakfast solutions. Cereals are properly digested by the organism and are easy to cook. Many of them (like oatmeal, for example) do not require more than five minutes to be cooked. If you wish, you can add berries, candied fruits, raisins, fresh fruits etc. to make the dish taste better. As a result, you get a healthy and quick dish, which will provide you with energy for the whole day.


For those, who do not like cereals or cannot eat them quite often for different reasons, cooking omelets is a much better solution. The dish is quite nutritious and may even trigger digestive problems in people, who have not got used to this kind of breakfast. So, it is recommended to combine omelets with vegetables, grated cheese, sausages, bacon, and other tasty products you and your family members like.


Sandwiches can hardly be called a healthy breakfast, but this depends upon the ingredients you use to cook them. It is desirable not to cook sandwiches for kids under nine years old, but if you still prefer sandwiches with sausages, meat, cheese, caviar or vegetables, and butter for breakfast, always eat them with tea, coffee or yogurt.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is an ideal dish for breakfast. Mixed with fresh or candied fruits, cream, raisins, and other healthy additives, this product will provide your organism with calcium, vitamins, and minerals required for the healthy functioning of your organism.

These are only a few variants of healthy breakfast dishes. Try cooking them or make up your own recipes and share them with us!

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