How Long You Should Store Sushi

How Long You Should Store Sushi

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Millions of people across the globe are crazy about different types of sushi rolls. This Japanese dish is served in restaurants, sushi bars, supermarkets and you can even cook it on your own. Cooking sushi rolls is quite a complicated task, which often takes much time. There are myriads of options and recipes you can choose from and that is why it is so frustrating when the rolls are left and you just don’t know what to do with them. Read on to find out how to store sushi rolls correctly and whether it is worth doing that or not.


So, for how long is it possible to store rolls and is it really worth the result? The experts of the Japanese cuisine, who cook sushi rolls every day, are sure that they should be eaten fresh! They point out that even those rolls that are left for an hour, lose their taste qualities. On the other hand, though, the majority of people, who cook rolls at home, just cannot afford to throw them away if they are unable to eat everything they have cooked. So, they decide to store them at least for a while.


If you have made the same decision, then keep in mind that rolls should be kept only in a fridge, where the temperature does not exceed 2-3 C above zero. Furthermore, they should be hermetically closed to preserve their taste and quality. An ideal variant is a special container with medium borders wrapped in kitchen film.


Storing the Rolls: How Long Should It Take?


It is strictly prohibited to keep rolls with fresh fish for longer than one hour. By the way, restaurants that specialize in cooking sushi on someone’s order, also recommend eating them during an hour. Rolls that contain mayonnaise are kept for 2 hours maximum, while those with salt and smoked fish should be kept for not longer than 18 hours. If the rolls do not contain fresh fish and mayonnaise, it is possible to keep them for 24 hours, but it is desirable to avoid such situations to preserve the maximum safety of the dish.


What About Home-Made Rolls?


Home-made rolls are not the same as those sold in supermarkets or served in sushi-bars. The ingredients of rolls you cook at home are frequently fresher as compared to those sold somewhere. So, if you cook sushi at home and are sure that their components are 100% fresh, then you can store them in a fridge for 2-3 days. This, however, does not concern rolls with fresh fish or caviar. They should be eaten at once. Rolls with smoked fish are also kept for 2 days maximum. Otherwise, the taste and quality of the dish will be spoiled. The same concerns the rice contained in sushi. Keep these recommendations in mind when cooking, purchasing or ordering sushi rolls next time.

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