How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Body

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Not far everyone can boast of a good health and sleep, nowadays more and more people get problems with both, cause these two things - health and sleep are deeply connected. Be sure you'll get a serious penalty in case of sleep deprivation.


Sleep deprivation reduces emotional intelligence, it affects body weight, your immunity and even constructive thinking skills. The researchers showed that the lack of sleep causes the use of extra energy, this increases a metabolism and weight loss, your immune system becomes not so effective and as a result, the body is too sensitive to diseases.
Total sleep deprivation can cause serious problems with heart and skin lesions.

Partial sleep deprivation is not a better thing, it affects your body and health the same way as total sleep deprivation but at lower levels. A person does not have enough amount of time for sleeping which leads to weight gaining.

See, this is not a fun to have bad sleep, it results greatly your health, you must be aware of its influence on your body.



Researchers tell that sleep deprivation is absolutely tied with high blood pressure, those people who sleep less than 5 hours suffer hypertension more than those who sleep 6-9 hours.
British researchers highlighted the fact that sleep deprivation leads to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, thus the lack of proper sleep upsets metabolism.
This fact also supports Canadian researchers. The children who do not sleep a right amount of hours suffer fatness, in this case, a proper sleep matters most, not social status, not physical activity, the family income or the level of education. In the last ten years, the level of fatness among people increased as well as the tendency of reduced sleep duration.

A person who loses one night of sleep will be irritable and awkward during the next day or get tired very soon. Missing two nights of sleep you will do mistakes at normal tasks, losing three nights you will lose the sense of reality.

Sleep deprivation causes chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases and also increases the severity of chronic problems, especially in combination with aging. It higher the level of stress hormone and the activity of the nervous system. The lack of good sleep provides serious problems with health and even more, sleep deprivation affects language skills, emotional intelligence, and visual working memory.



This question as well not so easy, cause still, everything is comparative. Most researchers think that a good and proper sleep is that lasts no less than 9 hours for adults and no less than 11 hours for children. If you feel like falling asleep, do not refuse yourself to do this, remember your health.

Some take the view of three 8, this is 8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest and 8 hours for sleep. Although some famous people did not spend so many hours for sleep, cause thought that it was an impermissible luxury, this way of life is not appropriate for all.

So, since the sleeping time is an individual thing, listen carefully to the inner signals of your body and stay healthy.

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