How to Burn More Calories than You Eat

How to Burn More Calories than You Eat

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This is the base of all successful diets - to burn more calories than you consume. Each day you eat foods and drink beverages, this is the fuel for your body, cause you need energy. Sometimes, like in case of overeating, you may get more than an abundant volume of this fuel. The formula remains the same, you can't lose weight, holding the ground, you must move more but you must do it right. You need to know some extra information to burn calories properly.

First, you must create an energy deficit, this is the main rule to burn more calories than you consume. To manage this you have to take a list of all foods that you eat every day, cause you need to know how many calories your body consumes every day. To fight you need to know your enemy. So, write on the list all the food you eat per week, it would be very easy if you have a special app (smartphone) for weight loss. After this, you'll have a certain number of calories you consume every day.

Now, when you know how many calories you intake, you have a big chance to have a benefit and slim down. You may control meal portions and schedule your workouts to burn more calories than you intake. Experts recommend burning 500-1000 calories per day to lose weight for about one-two pounds a week.

To know how many calories you burn every day, use activity tracker or use an online calculator, it is very essential, cause you will know how many calories you burn from this or that activity. Try to burn no less than 500 calories per day, this is your minimum to lose weight.

Don't worry if you can't burn enough calories with special exercise, just try to change your daily activity to burn calories, not through exercises.

Be sure that you don't need to spare all the time in a gym, you need to spare as much time on workouts as your body needs. Working harder and exhausting your body, increases appetite and may cause an overeating.
All that you need to do is to make right and balanced workout program, this active style of life is the right step to burn more calories.

Get up early, put on your sneakers and go for a walk, let your body breath in fresh air and fill with energy that you need for all day. You have to use any chance to burn calories, so don't stay long in bed, get up and move on.

Don't spare hours sitting at a desk, choose an active way. Once in a while take a break and walk with your colleagues. Instead of watching TV in the evening, do some light exercise or also have a short evening walk, it would be more useful.

Don't forget about mini-workouts throughout the day. Each your day is full of opportunities, your task to see them and to use. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go in for sport with your friends, if you have kids, this is just an excellent opportunity, maybe even better than the rest, to burn more calories than you intake. All kids are very active and lively, play with them and move like they, you'll see the result.

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