How to Buy a Dining or Kitchen Table for Home or Restaurant

How to Buy a Dining or Kitchen Table for Home or Restaurant

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Very often restaurateurs and homeowners are faced with the problem of what style to choose restaurant steel tables, chairs or upholstered items when selecting furniture for their premises. Indeed, today there are many design styles, as well as different themes of establishments. It may be an Irish-style beer pub or a Chinese restaurant, a modern nightclub or a classic European coffee house, an 80s American fast food cafe or a modern sushi bar with karaoke and disco.

Of course, modern manufacturers try to keep up with current trends and demand in the furniture trade market to fit contemporary cannons. Today there are a large number of kitchen tables, chairs and sofas for cafes in different quirky shapes, styles and colors. There is a lot of furniture made of wood, plastic, metal, glass, rattan, stone and other materials. All of them differ in their appearance, price, and most importantly, quality during operation.

Any customer purchasing a dining table set makes a choice according to individual criteria (convenience, design and preferences). Such purchases are made after finishing the renovation, or before starting planning a design-project. Still, sometimes such purchases as kitchen supplies or a kitchen table are associated with redecorating the dining area or restaurant space. Being the main elements of the interior, such pieces of furniture have to be selected subject to certain conditions, including general concept of the apartment, practicality and comfort.


The main selection criteria for a dining table

Modern furniture has a wide assortment of types and categories. Beautiful furniture sets may turn out to be inconvenient, while plain looking kitchen models, contrary to others, will bring maximum benefit. In order to select the best restaurant supplies, at least 3 parameters have to be taken into account:

  • Convenience. Such furniture should be comfortable, as people spend 20 % of their lives in the kitchen. It is important to provide free space for seating on the chair at a distance of 60-70 cm from the edge of the object.
  • Laconicism. Kitchen items shouldn’t take up as much space as possible. Especially when it comes to a kit for a small apartment. It’s useful to know that the dimensions of a rectangular table top should not exceed 120 cm in length with a width of 70-80 cm. As for the spacious rooms, a dining table with a set of 6 chairs is ideal.
  • Practicality. It’s pivotal to consider the quality of materials while buying a kitchen table. The service life of such furniture depends on the durability of the products it’s made from. One of the best choices are: wood, glass, steel or plastic.


So, while making a design-plan of your future house or cafe, consider our recommendations in selecting a dining table set.


How to select a kitchen table for your house?


Usually, kitchen and restaurant equipment are purchased at the final stage of renovation, when almost all work has already been completed. At this stage, owners or designers have a clear idea of which kitchen table is the best for a given interior. This approach is needed to avoid a mistake in the selection of the product or when installing it indoors.

Accordingly, before choosing the required product, determine the following factors:

  • The size.
    This point affects the convenience of the entire interior. The area counter model should fit well with the entire space of the room. The best combination is recognized as the ratio of the volume of the kitchen to the table as 1: 6.
  • The form.
    If you have designed the room in a certain style, then you may choose the configuration of the dining table based on the characteristics of this direction. Some types of these furnishings are able to zone a room, visually expand it or add a kind of prep table due to their shape.
  • Material.
    This is a very important criterion. Buying kitchen tables made from top quality materials, for example wood, stone or stainless steel will be useful for many years.
  • General combination.
    It allows you to harmonize the entire space, correctly place accents through the successful distribution of furniture items in the house.
  • Surface height.
    Counting this parameter, you can minimize the imperfections of the available space and mask the defects of the walls.


How to select kitchen objects by size?


The maximum comfort for a family of several people will be provided by a kitchen table where everyone can comfortably sit. According to the ergonomics experts, each person needs a space of 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep. In addition, there should be a certain free area on the table top for common serving items. Depending on the room area and the number of people who eat in the kitchen you may define an appropriate length of your table.

A minimum board 80 cm wide will be quite inconvenient, because there is no place for serving and placing dishes. Even if your room is large enough, an unsuccessful solution is to install a wide product (over 105 cm). It simply takes up the expanse, ruining the concept of the interior. Moreover, it may be a catch 22 situation to communicate over it in a large company.

Before purchasing, carefully calculate the total area so that there is a space to move around the dining room and pull out the chairs. It’s a good variant of having a meter of free area to the neighboring objects. Such a disposition allows you to move calmly without touching the surrounding objects.


What shape is the best for your dining table?


Undoubtedly, modern technologies promote manufacturing furniture items of any fancy shape. However, before choosing something extraordinary, think about whether it is suitable for your apartments.

Most popular configurations:

  • Rectangular – a classic shape variant, which differs in significant ease in using.
    Easily placed at the walls or in the center of the room. This shape allows manufacturers to produce various modifications using sliding and folding mechanisms. Such transforming restaurant tables allows business owners to significantly save free space on weekdays. Moreover, there is an opportunity to comfortably gather in a big company on a holiday for visitors.
  • Square – fits well into a small room and saves space.
    Putting small square kitchen tables across the room takes up very little space and there is an opportunity to accommodate 2 people. A larger model is a good variant for placing more than 8 people.
  • Oval – a fairly versatile model, distinguished by its convenience and beautiful appearance.
    A semicircular dining table set installed in small areas is a widespread decision. Basically, this form is about aesthetic, as it’s distinguished by particular elegance and sophistication. Besides, it’s worth noting the safety of this object due to the absence of sharp corners. This is especially true for families with babies. A small oval kitchen table may be a good addition even to a small room.
  • Round – makes the interior original.
    This model is for families with small children. The absence of sharp corners will significantly reduce the level of danger. Also, many more people can be accomodated behind a round one. However, such items have enough disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that restaurant tables of such shape for 8 people will be too huge to talk over.
  • Triangular – belongs to more modern furniture models.
    As a rule, it’s installed in contemporary or hi-tech interiors. What’s more they may be used in minimalism direction. In this case, two people can easily accommodate behind it. Another variant of using this model is placing it in a room as a kind of decor, maybe add fruits.
  • Multifaceted -perhaps the most unusual shape.
    In fact, a minority of people choose this shape today. Though purchasing such a product brings about a lot of benefits, namely functionality. There is an additional work area, prep table and drawers. The convenience will fully manifest itself both in a small and spacious dining room.


How to choose a stainless steel table for your cafe, home or business?

Nowadays, a stainless steel table is the ultramodern model for the dining area. Just think why so many cafes, hotels and cafeterias use steel devices as a kind of restaurant equipment. This material is practically indestructible. Advantages of a steel table:

  • Strength and elasticity.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Practicality.

Moisture and heat resistance, counterwork to spots of any nature (oil, vegetables and fruits, wine, food colors). This material is an ideal variant of a prep table.

  • Hygiene – stainless steel doesn't absorb any substances that might get on its surface. You are able to enjoy a clean surface and put kitchen supplies there, as bacteria, mold, and household germs don’t linger on stainless steel tables and countertops. Before thinking of this material, learn how to clean stainless steel table.
  • Persistence. This material is resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. The work surface will only heat up in the area where the pan is placed, but the heat won’t spread further.
  • An additional benefit: the steel table and table top stay cool during hot seasons. The main item made of stainless steel is a prep table, as almost any kitchen begins with the table – the work surface of the cook, where you can cut, prepare, process and put equipment. Stainless steel tables are important not only in the kitchen, but also in preparatory and laboratories, warehouses, clinics, food packaging lines, shops.


The reason for buying a prep table: price and quality

The need to buy a steel table is no less important than purchasing thermal or electromechanical equipment. The size of the product depends on the characteristics of the area and the number of staff. The width of the item should be placed in line with other equipment, leaving enough space in the working zone.

The cost of a table from stainless steel includes overall dimensions, used materials, complexity and design. The price can be calculated by a manufacturer, pre-providing for considering technical parameters, environment and other important points.

There are different variants of a stainless steel table set: with or without shelves and boards, with stitching of side walls, with front doors, with openings, with the built-in sinks in etc.

How to clean a stainless steel table?

There are certain features of working with metal countertop:

  1. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe the surface. Wipe it in the direction of the fine lines in order to avoid scratching of the surface.
  2. Don’t use chloride-containing cleaning agents (hazardous for protective anti-corrosion steel).
  3. Clean the steel table with diluted vinegar, baking soda, or cleaner for glass.
  4. Lemon juice helps fight plaque.

It’s worth choosing a metal table for a technological industrial style apartment. Such a variant is perfectly combined with restaurant supplies, various decor and other pieces of furniture. Due to a glossy surface, a steel worktop may reflect everything in the kitchen, making the area more spacious and brighter.


Why should you trust us?

We provide an extensive catalog with photos and descriptions of goods. Costs and reviews for the stainless steel table will help make a choice, comparing analogues of other kitchen-product categories.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we are open to all your proposals and demands. For example, we may create a product of the size you need (there are more than 40 various table formats). Considering the environment and the purpose of use, the table can be strengthened by noise-absorbing equipment. Properly selected stainless steel restaurant tables will effectively organize the process of preparation and work of the staff in a restaurant, dining room, cafe or shop.

Regardless of the customer’s requirements and preferences, we have a vivid variety of equipment for cafes, restaurants, country houses, hotels and homes. Shipping is also available together with a 30-day-return-policy.


Final thoughts

The kitchen table is one of the most important places at any home. It has always been the center of attraction, where the whole family can gather together and meet friends. Hence, the dining table should be cozy and comfortable for everyone, harmoniously fitting into the interior and matching the parameters of the space. If you take all our recommendations into account, it will be much easier to choose your ideal table! Good luck!


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