How to Deal with Mess in the Bedroom

How to Deal with Mess in the Bedroom

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For most of us, it's a real challenge to clean our bedroom. You may feel like you are climbing a very high mountain while doing a cleaning. You are putting different stuff there,  then here, again there...Fortunately, it may not be as difficult as climbing the highest rock.

Here are several tips, which will help you. Follow them to make cleaning a walk on the seaside rather than a rock-climbing.


Part 1


Starting cleaning in a bad humor will over bad. So, turn on the playlist of the music you like and don't stop it until you finish cleaning your bedroom. The first thing is motivation. Choose music that will motivate you to move. Don't choose songs which will make you feel blue. Or listen to the radio, up to you. Don't waste your time changing playlists. Put your iPod in a hip-pocket, put on earphones and start cleaning.

Give some light. Open curtains and blinds or what you have. Let light come in. Open windows and give yourself fresh air. It will bring you energy. Give yourself a chance to start in good spirits.

Prepare a list of all things that you have to clean. Shelves, bedside-tables, clothes-press. First, think what and where to put. Maybe you'll need to buy extra hangers or something else. It's really a good idea to write down a list. Besides, one more idea, you may like it.  Set some time limit for every area you want to clean. It will make you spend less time for a cleaning.

Plan out your break. Take a break after you've done the greater and the most essential part of cleaning. Don't make yourself to be distracted from it. And one more, for better motivation. Create a reward for yourself. It could be anything. Watching a movie with friends or family. Big delicious cake. Who may stimulate you in a way that you'll do a cleaning in an hour!


Part 2


Take all the boxes you have. Gather all extra unnecessary things in and put them away. Remember, don't throw them away. You may give it to people from charity organizations.

Make your bed. Move everything off and start. Remove all the extra things from your bed. Flip your mattress over. Prepare fresh sheets and blankets. Make your bed an area of absolute clean and neatness. Don't forget to look under the bed. Probably somebody needs a vacuum to clean up.

Put all the stuff in their places. Remove all things from the floor. It will help you during cleaning. Don't just make everything neat but put things where they belong. Think all the time how to lighten your task. Start from bigger things and over with smaller things.

You are the organizer of your bedroom. Make it comfortable. Put things in a way that would be convenient for you. The things, which you use often put closer, other thing put in hard to reach spots.
Find the laundry bin and put all dirty clothes in. Wait until finish cleaning and then wash clothes.  Be sure your laundry bin will be full. Place your clothes carefully in the dresser. During cleaning, you may find things, which don't belong to this room. Put them in a box and then take away.

Give some space in your room. Maybe you have piles of books, shoes, and so on. Sort them. Probably you'll want something to sell or give to charity. Place these stuff in different boxes and then decide. Throw away things you don't need.

Clean your closet. Remove all the things, sort them and throw away what you don't need. Make neat piles out of the things that left. Organize different areas in your bedroom.
Look around and see whether everything neat. Don't forget to dust all the surfaces in your bedroom. Vacuum the floor. Wash mirrors and the windows. Remember about cobwebs.

Now you may relax. Hey, do you remember about the reward? A big cake is waiting for you!

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