How to Develop Cookery Skills in Children

How to Develop Cookery Skills in Children

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Cooking is always a pleasure for those people, who consider the process a hobby, but not a part of the everyday routine. Many women, though, complain that they lack time to cook their favorite dishes just because they have to take care of their children. You will be surprised to find out that these processes can be harmoniously combined. Just teach your kid some of the cooking secrets and you won’t be frustrated with the result! Listed below are several recommendations on how to get your kid involved in the art of cooking depending upon the age of your son or daughter.

Cooking Under 3 Years Old

Kids, who are under three years old may not know how to dress themselves, but they can really be great “helpers” in the kitchen. In this age, cooking is a kind of a game for them, so you can take advantage of that. Just make sure all the dangerous kitchen utensils, such as knives, hot pots, and liquids, scissors etc. are out of their reach. Among the tasks you can offer children in this age, are washing the vegetables, stirring the chopped ingredients, sprinkling dry powdered substances (flour, sugar, salt, spices etc.) and choosing the products you need for dinner. Be sure, your kid will be excited to help you this way!

Cooking from 3 to 5

As a kid grows up, you can expand the list of duties he/she may help you with. In the age from 3 to 5, a kid improves certain skills and learns to be more careful when using kitchen utensils. Your son or daughter starts realizing what is really hazardous and this makes you feel more confident and safe. In this age, you can offer your kid to weight the ingredients, cut soft fruit and vegetables, mix them, tear or squash edible greenery or fruit and even knead dough!

Cooking from 5 to 7

Children of the preschool age possess numerous skills and realize what is dangerous and what is safe. In this age, you can teach a kid to use some simple kitchen appliances and practice specific techniques. When a child uses a knife or any other sharp tool, make sure you supervise the process. Among the best activities, your son or daughter may practice are grating, cutting the products with a small knife or scissors, measuring, rubbing in butter or flour, folding, beating eggs, peeling hard-boiled eggs and fruits, serving the ready-made dishes and setting the table.

Cooking from 8 to 11

As your child becomes older, the list of tasks you can offer him/her keeps growing as well. Actually, you can offer a kid those activities you were afraid to suggest before, but do not forget to supervise the process. Some of these activities include: planning the everyday menu, cooking a simple dish, peeling all kinds of products, whisking eggs, using a microwave oven, cooking salads and even opening canned products. If there is something a kid cannot do, help him/her out and demonstrate the right steps.

12+ Cooking Ideas

Children above 12 years old can do lots of cooking jobs, including all those tasks mentioned above. Kids of this age are responsible, skillful at learning, creative and willing to help. They feel that they are ready to cope with all the tasks, so do not disappoint their expectations! Before proceeding to the cooking process, remind them about food hygiene and safety rules. They can already work with products of different textures, tastes, and shapes, but they may still need more time to do that. So, be patient and get ready to assist your kid if necessary.

These simple recommendations may help get your child interested in cooking as much as you are. Plus, you will always have time for cooking experiments and happy moments spent with your kid!


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