How to Improve Your Health, Super Method

How to Improve Your Health, Super Method

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What are you eating influences and changes absolutely your body and health, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner - these are the real remedies, which will help you to cut the weight, to reduce the risk of heart problems, to get more energy and feel good. The proper nutrition will bring more health into your life than anything else.

Thomas Campbell, the co-author of "The China Study", suggests step by step two weeks plan of switching to healthy nutrition, which is based on whole-food, vegan diet. It is said in the book, by the way, that any food that contains cholesterol above 0 mg is unhealthy.



This is important: the researchers announced a new remedy, it was established that it possesses the cancer prevention of 95% cases and of almost 100% heart attack and stroke. Still, it has some side-effects: perfect weight, without any workouts, migraine, spot, cold, chronic diseases and problems with bowels removal; the improvement of eyesight, ear, the cure of erectile dysfunction.

This remedy does exist, it is not a vaccine or some surgical armaments or brilliant operation, this remedy is vegan food.

One of the recent and big researches showed that even if two people consume an equal amount of calories per day, the one who eats 250 g of meat per day will gain 2 kilos more (in 5 years) than the man who consumes the same amount of calories but eating plant food. It is proved that red meat, ham, sausages, bacon and so forth stimulate weight gaining.

It is essential to know what are you eating and essential to know what is your weight. If you wanna cut the weight, try to take notes of all foods you intake. The more you realize what you intake the more chances for you to lose extra weight.



In the supermarket or somewhere where you buy food, first look at the place where is written the food value and ask yourself two questions: 1. is this whole food? 2. is it plant food?
If the most of ingredients are whole, you have passed the first stage, next, if you are eating floury foods, make sure these foods are made of whole wheat flour. Sugar and oils are not whole foods, the wholeness of any food depends on the number of whole ingredients in this food.

The second question is that a plant, passing this stage, you may be sure this food is healthy.



What is the point of calcium intake? Calcium makes your bones strong and healthy but it was investigated that this is not the all influence of calcium on man’s body. There are researches that showed the negative influence of calcium on the heart, so it means that calcium ignores some very complicated and important set of processes in your body.



Stress, emotion suppression and making hard decisions cause sugar necessity. Some investigations tell us that those people, who ate and drunk products, which heightened the level of sugar in blood held longer will-power.

To cope with this problem, eat all the time something that is healthy and that heightens the amount of sugar in the blood, you can use healthy vegan recipes. The best remedy, in this case, is whole fruits.

Promise yourself to eat something healthy before eating something harmful, then wait 15 minutes and reward yourself but very likely that you will change your mind!

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