How to Process Different Products Before Freezing Them

How to Process Different Products Before Freezing Them

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Summer is the season when we can eat fruit, vegetables, and berries as much as we wish. However, this season, sooner or later, comes to its end, and people start waiting for the next summer time. Fortunately, there is the chance to preserve the vitamins and minerals contained in these products for the whole year by freezing them in advance. To make the process a success, you should know how to process different products before freezing them and this is exactly what we will focus on in this article.


A Few Words about the Temperature


The optimal temperature for freezing vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms and edible greens constitutes 18 degrees below zero. This temperature is a kind of a barrier to the development of harmful bacteria. To make the products you are going to freeze safe for your loved ones, it makes sense to wash and dry the products thoroughly well in advance. It does not make any sense to freeze products that are already a bit spoiled, because they are not likely to become of better quality when frozen. You should also keep in mind that lowering the temperature in a freezer is inadmissible because this contributes to the spread of bacteria.   


Freezing Different Types of Products


  • Fruit


If the fruit you are going to freeze come with pips, remove them before freezing. This helps save a place in a freezer and you will find it easier to peel the products afterward. Larger fruits should better be cut into pieces before freezing them. This is how you will be able to use them more effectively and conveniently.


  • Berries


If you decide to freeze berries, such as strawberries, raspberries etc., it makes sense to freeze them in sugar. Otherwise, they will lose their initial shape after you unfreeze them. Do not forget to remove the fruit spurs (if any) before freezing them. Wash and strain the berries, let them dry and dredge each layer of berries in the container with sugar. Now, you can place the containers in the freezer.


  • Mushrooms


It is better to cut the mushrooms before freezing them. Store them in a hermetically closed package for 5-6 months.


  • Edible Greens


Wash and dry the product and freeze it in foil for better storage and maximum preservation of vitamins.


  • Vegetables


Experts recommend boiling vegetables in hot salty water or just pour hot boiling water on them before freezing and sprinkling them with cold water afterward. Let vegetable drain, cut them into pieces and then freeze them.


Hopefully, these recommendations and tips on how to freeze different types of products will help you enjoy them for the whole year!

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