How to Remove the Pain without Medicines

How to Remove the Pain without Medicines

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Autosuggestion is a mighty thing, which can make us to move, to struggle, to do almost anything that seems impossible. This is our thoughts and beliefs, the influence of your mind on the body. This is true that thoughts can help us to be healthy or to stay ill, this put the basis to create various methods of how to remove physical pain.

Of course, there are serious doubts whether you will allay a toothache or some diseases, which need emergency, with the help of thought but in case of a sudden headache or postsurgical period, it is possible. The successful result depends on you, how much you trust yourself, how clearly you can hear the inner signals.

The main and most often mistake that people make is the struggle against pain, this aggression against your body will only worsen the situation. You must understand that through this pain your body tries to draw your attention and show that there is inner disbalance and all that you need to do at that very moment is to love and to take care of your body. Besides, together with the pain, you get also prompting, which intuition suggests, and exactly what you should do to improve your health. Your task is to hear this prompting, to understand it and make all your best.



Have you heard something about a trance? This is a special state of mind that will help you to cross something that is inside you. If you have some practice of falling into a trance, this will help you to achieve the goal with minimum time and the maximum successful result, if no, for now just lay down on a comfortable sofa and try to concentrate on your inner feelings.

1. Close your eyes and relax. If you are not alone now, ask not to disturb you for about 10-15 minutes. The less bustle about you the faster you will get in touch with your body.

2. Put your arm on the place that hurts. Do it softly, with love.

3. Have a nice talk with the place that hurts, say something like this - "Yes, I understand and feel you, I am ready to help you and to take care of you. What can I do for you?" Say some pleasant and encouraging words, don't forget to ask the main question - "What can I do?"

4. Get a reply. You must be absolutely relaxed, watch the flow of thoughts that run through you at that moment. Don't judge, don't analyze, don't try to hit upon an idea, just trust yourself. Pay special attention to the first thoughts that will come, they are the most truthful.

5. Open your eyes and say "thank you" to yourself. This is essential for a success interaction with your intuition. Say "thank you" for that it helps you to cope with the problem.

6. Fulfil the prompting you've gotten. Don't dare to say - "I can't do this, it is impossible for me ", thus the point will be lost, cause your task to give what you were asked to give.


The whole process of secure and natural pain remove based on the close connection between you and unconsciousness. You by yourself create the neccessary condition to have a proper contact and show the openness to respond to the inner signals and do what you want to do.

It may look simple and even funny but the very impulse that improves your mind, removes stress, changes your sense of reality and improves health is the wish-fulfilling. The more you speak positive about yourself, the more grant your wishes, compliment and say "thank you", the less you will face the problems with health and languor.

Trust your body, love it and you'll be healthy!

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