How to Stay Healthy Living in a Big City

How to Stay Healthy Living in a Big City

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Is it possible to stay healthy while living in a big city, where there is a real problem with the lack of fresh air and other ecological matters? How to stand against destruction if it is almost invisible, -  this is not the sentence from a movie, this is your reality. The living in a city is a very attractive thing, especially for those who want and need to earn money or for those who want to get new impressions and show himself. Thus, living in a city gives chances and ability to reach the goals and do what you want/need to do.

So why it is such a vital question that concerns your health-saving while living in a city, let's find out!

What is made by man is called technosphere, thus you live there. Though there are parks, squares and ponds, and different basins, people are rushing to live out of the city, the answer why they are doing so is: first, because city ecological conditions are harmful to one's health, second, because living in a city, influences negative one's mind.



The man's necessity in the air is greater than the necessity in food and water, the mix of nitrogen (78,9%), oxygen (20,9%) and carbon dioxide (0.3%) this is what called fresh air. Now let's examine together what you are breathing while living and working in a city.



Vehicle throws in the air nitrogen oxide and carbon oxide, as a result, heavy metals got into the ground and then scattered with wind within the streets as toxic dust. It causes a headache, fatiguability, irritation, barrenness and serious cardiovascular diseases.

The main sources of industrial pollution are the thermoelectric power station, ferrous metal industry, petrochemical industry, and chemical industry. The blow-out of harmful substances and chemical agents in the air, performed by these industries results in respiratory organ diseases, problems with skin, blood, allergic reaction and gene mutation, sounds really sinisterly.



Seriously, what should you do to stay healthy in such dangerous conditions?

First, try to set limits for being nearby the sources of pollution, especially if it is some factory or motorway.

Try to spend free time in the parks and out of the city. Choose days, take your family or friends to have some rest near the river or forest or somewhere where you'll not hear the sound of the car engine.

Keep your house clean, do the wet cleaning in the apartments and ventilate rooms, use a vacuum cleaner with aqua filterer.

The last, if you are leaving nearby some ecologicaly dangerous and harmful place, take any chance to move to a different place, ones health costs more than money and career.

All these is not difficult to do, if first think about your health and the health of your close people, cause the time and the health are irreplaceable things and you should treasure them.

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