How to Store Bread to Prevent It from Hardening

How to Store Bread to Prevent It from Hardening

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Everyone knows that bread is one of the most essential and valuable food products people eat every day. And it is no wonder, because this product plays an important role in the overall history of the humanity as well as in the life of each family. Our ancestors kept reminding us that bread is the most important dish on any table and, thus, it should be stored properly so that people would not face the need to get rid of it. That is why, we have decided to sum up the major rules and recommendations on how to store bread to prevent it from hardening.


How to Store Bread


The most popular way to store bread is to keep it in a special container known as a bread bin. These units are specially designed to meet the rules of storing bread. They are available in different shapes, colors, designs and are made of diverse materials to make it possible for each housewife to choose the most suitable and appealing item.


Storing bread in a bread bin is, probably, the most popular solution to the problem. However, there are other recommendations many people stick to when it comes to preserving softness and freshness of this food product. The most widespread and effective of them are as follows:


  • Using linen cloth to wrap bread in it. This method has been known for centuries, so its efficacy is out of the question. By the way, many housewives have already made sure in the applicability of this method and even use clean towels or paper to store bread for a long time. They point out that this method of storage helps prolong the shelf life of bread, keeping it soft, fresh and aromatic up to 7 days.


  • Watching the temperature. It is a well-known fact that bakery products become hard when kept at temperature that is below 2 degrees. Such temperature is observed on the upper shelf in a fridge. This happens because the natural moisture of bread constitutes around 50%, so when the product is kept in a refrigerator, it gets harder very quickly. So, it makes sense to store bread under the room temperature or in a freezer, but not in a fridge.


  • Storing bread in special multilayer packs, which are available in any supermarket nowadays. Such packs consist of 3 layers, namely the upper layer, punched polyethylene and cotton. These layers help preserve natural softness, nutritional value and freshness of bread for a long time.


Recommendations mentioned above seem very simple, but they are very effective when it comes to storing bread. Hopefully, you will take them into consideration to make sure they really work!

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