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40 min

Luncheon Roll for Kids

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40 min


8 persons




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Author: Monica Feluchi

Children like unusual and attention grabbing dishes. Even those of them, who have poor appetite, are more likely to eat an unusual dish than the one they have already got used to. This luncheon roll will surely appeal to them!


  • egg : 4 piece
  • whole-wheat flour : 2 Tbsp
  • starch : 2 Tbsp
  • mayonnaise : 100 g
  • salt : 1 pinch
  • black pepper : 0.5 tsp (powdered)
  • salmon : 250 g (mild-cured)
  • lemon juice : 1 Tbsp
  • butter : 70 g
  • black olives : 100 g (you can replace them with gherkins or pickle mushrooms)
  • parsley : 1 piece (or fennel)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Whip eggs with salt, mayonnaise (may replace with cream), flour, black pepper and starch

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  2. Cut black olives (pickle mushrooms or gherkins). Chop fennel or parsley using a blender

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  3. Add a bit of liquid dough to the edible greens you have just chopped

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  4. Pour the rest of the dough on baking sheet covered with baking paper. Then take a teaspoon and spread the parsley or fennel on it. Add black olives or mushrooms. Put the baking sheet into the pre-heated to 200 degrees oven for about 7-10 minutes. Watch the way it cooks to prevent the dough from burning

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  5. To cook the topping, chop the salmon and add lemon juice to it

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  6. Take the ready-made omelet from the oven, butter it, spread the topping and roll it while it is warm

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  7. Cut the luncheon roll into portions, place them on a dish and decorate with green olives, cucumber or any other elements. Enjoy the appetizer!

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